Going into the closet to show you my closet! #ClosetOrganization #ClosetGeek

Welcome to Cara’s Closet!

I’ve been undergoing “retail therapy” to combat my midlife crisis (read about that here), and have been revamping my entire wardrobe to build base of neutrals for greater flexibility. My goal is to own fewer clothes but have more outfits. I’ve done quite a bit shopping, and have gotten rid of clothing that I no longer like. As part of that, I’ve been (re)organizing my closet.

It’s always been fairly organized, but now it’s more so. I’ve rearranged a few “zones” to be more functional and accessible.

A caveat: I have a large closet; it measures 12 feet by 8 feet with 30 linear feet of hanging space. My husband has his own almost-as-big-closet. When we built our house, I designed my closet to be a dressing room besides a place to store clothing. Everything I need to get dressed is in one location. I also insisted on space for full-length mirror. In the last two houses we lived in, I used to stand on a chair in front of the bathroom mirror to see the lower half of my outfit. No more!

This is the main part of my closet that I call, “the casual zone.” All my ordinary, every day clothes are in one place.  Shirts on the left, pants and jackets on the right.


This is the back end of the closet. My shoes and “long” clothing are here: It doesn’t look like a lot of clothes there, but I have 14 dresses, 5 pairs of “nice” and/or dressy pants and 5 bathrobes. Why 5 robes? Two for winter (need a spare when one is in the wash), two for summer, and one “transitional.”

My shirts are organized by sleeve length, color, and season. In the spring I have the short-sleeved shirts on top (easier to reach). In the fall, I move the long-sleeved shirts on top.

You’ll notice that all my hangers are the same. Several years ago, I invested in Huggable Hangers (from  HSN). I LOVE them. I love having everything hang the same. You can buy cheap felt-covered hangers at Walmart & Target, but I don’t recommend them. They break. Huggable Hangers last forever. BTW, I’ve never bought anything from a TV shopping show, except Huggable Hangers. I don’t watch home shopping shows. When I bought the hangers, I just happened to tune in, see them, and say, I need those. It’s like it was meant to be. I’m a closet geek. Not a geek in the closet, a geek about closets. You can get Huggable Hangers on Amazon.

I implemented a new  accessory zone located within the casual zone, so that everything I need is in one place. Purses are up top in dust bags, my scarves, belts, and jewelry are all right there.

I’ve never been one to hang onto clothing that didn’t fit or that I got tired of, but now I have a system for getting rid of stuff I don’t wear.  At the start of each season (spring/summer and fall/winter) I turn all the hangers the wrong way. Then as I wear clothes, wash them & rehang them, I put the hangers back the right way. At the end of the season, if there are hangers still turned the wrong way, I know I never wore those clothes all season.

And that’s my closet! One last thing to mention is that I was also inspired to get my closet in shape by actress Heather Dubrow who has a You Tube video called Heather’s Closet. Her closet is freaking amazing. It’s like a clothing boutique!

My closet is nowhere near as grand, but I’m pretty happy with it.

I realize most people don’t have closets as large as mine, but part of the trick of being organized is not having more stuff than you have available storage. I don’t keep stuff I don’t wear or use. I want to have everything I need, but not more than that.  I regularly donate clothing to charity. I enjoy paring down my closet almost as much as I enjoy adding to it!

If you have clothing you haven’t worn in a year or two, get rid of it. If you have clothing that hasn’t fit in years, but you’re hoping it will someday, get rid it. If you do lose the weight, buy new stuff as your reward. If it’s stained or torn, trash it. If you once liked it, but don’t anymore, give it to somebody who will like it. What is the point of having a closet full of clothes you don’t wear?

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