An office ‘stuffed’ with books…the writing space of Kim Knox #AuthorsInSpace

By Kim Knox

My writing space is the small box room in our house and fairly stuffed with books.

It’s south facing and bright most of the days—yes, north west England gets sunlight!—though the house is Victorian with insanely thick walls, so even with warming sunlight I’m often to be found at my desk wearing all the wool I own. Even in the summer. When we have one…

I admit, I hoard books. Most of the shelving in my room is packed two or three books deep. And can I ever find the book I want? No. They hide. Also possibly breed…as I now seem to have two different books on medieval Scandinavian witchcraft that I do not remember buying. By this time next year, there’ll probably be three. I also love old maps and building plans. They’re so good for helping me visualise spaces and moving my characters through them. I have more maps to put on my wall—Charles Booth’s London Poverty maps *bounce*—but sadly I’m running out of space.

My children buy me Funko Pops for various occasions…which is why I have a little Death Eater revel happening on my external hard drive with a rather surprised looking Sherlock and an uninvited grindilow. I also rescued Fluffy and Fawkes from my now teen boys rooms. Every printer needs a cerberus guarding it, after all.

And that’s me.
I know this room is a luxury. I have a door that I can shut and a place I can focus. I can write in peace…when the books behave themselves.

Author bio

USA Today Bestselling Author, Kim Knox brews sex, magic, darkness and technology in a little corner of North West England.

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Hunting Evander by Kim Knox

Narda is on a hunt.

Her target, Doran Van Evander, has holed up on a mining planet. But her hunt won’t be simple or easy.

Planet Lisala-7 is in the grip of a festival, one they’ve made compulsory. Five days of licensed debauchery and now, with her body on fire from the touch of strangers, Narda must find her target before her time runs out. Failing is not an option.

But in this game, who is the hunter and who is the prey?

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6 Responses to An office ‘stuffed’ with books…the writing space of Kim Knox #AuthorsInSpace

  1. It looks like a happy place!

  2. Liza O'Connor says:

    Is that a three headed dog???

  3. I would feel very comfortable in your office. Looks inviting, interesting and full of adventure. I’m going to have to put up some storyboards in my office! Thanks for sharing.

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