Cover and blurb reveal for Alien Intention (Alien Mate 3)!

Cover by Sweet ‘n Spicy Designs

Coming in July 2018 ~ Alien Intention!

Their attraction unleashes a perfect storm…

I’m Stormy Weathers.  My love life on Earth is one natural disaster after the other.  I’m attracted to bad boys, rebels, commitment-phobes. In a crowd of choirboys, I’ll manage to find the jerk. All I want is a man who’ll love me and my young son, so I’m going to Dakon to become an alien’s mail order bride. This time will be different! The chemistry I feel with Romando is electric. It doesn’t matter what my sister or her mate or their tribe says, mutual attraction this strong can’t be wrong, so I’ll do anything to get him…

I’m Romando, an outcast in my own tribe. One rash, angry act turned me into a pariah and almost got me banished. But, what everyone resents the most is that I’m one of the lucky few who’ll be getting a mate. The instant Stormy Weathers blows into Dakon with the other Earth females, my horns tingle. She is meant for me, but I resist the instinct to claim her. You see, she’s related to my nemesis responsible for my outcast state. Honor and pride dictate that I reject her as a suitable mate. If only I could get her out of my mind…

* * *

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Romando, the hero of Alien Intention, was a secondary character in book 2, Alien Attraction. All the Alien Mate series romances are standalone reads.

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2 Responses to Cover and blurb reveal for Alien Intention (Alien Mate 3)!

  1. Becky says:

    Hi! I love your books. The first book I read was Unexpected Consequences. It just tumbled from there.

    I want to buy a few of your books for my library. Do you have signed books for purchase or do have book plates or sign books sent to you?

    You are a must for me.


  2. Cara Bristol says:

    Hi Becky! Glad you like my books! I don’t have book plates (that would be a good thing to get, huh?). I do keep a small supply of my books for readers to purchase. I’d be happy to autograph one for you. I’ll email you.

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