July: a month of milestones…

July has always been a busy month, but this year marks several major milestones:

  • Today is 25th wedding anniversary!
  • My stepdaughter is getting married on July 22 in Las Vegas. (Her fiance is 16 years older than her–only a year younger than me. I’m thinking he should call me Mom. Lol).
  • My mother will turn 80 on July 30.
  • This month is my 9th authorversary. Nine years ago today, I got a publishing contract with Black Velvet Seductions, which started my romance writing career.

Other July notables:

  • My stepdaughter and her fiance both have birthdays in July. Hers is the day before their wedding, his is the day after.
  • My husband’s father’s birthday was on July 10. We’d gotten married on his birthday. (Les died in 2005).
  • Both my mother’s sisters have/had July birthdays.

And, who can forget, July is also the birthday of the United States!

Do you have a month with a lot of milestones?

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3 Responses to July: a month of milestones…

  1. Kathy Watts says:

    July 13, 1975 is the day I met Steve!

    October is our crazy month. My birthday is the 11th (60) , son’s 14th (38), a granddaughter the 15th (15) and our wedding anniversary (42 years this year) is the 17th. So we have 4 in 6 days, and then our little caboose granddaughter #10 is on the 28th will be 5.

    I also have a niece’s birthday on the 9th, she is the last of the grandchildren for my parents.

  2. Ed Hoornaert says:

    I have no major family milestones in July, but nationality milestones galore. If I wanted to bother (I don’t) I could have passports from the US, Canada, and Belgium — all of which have their national holidays this month: July 1, July 4, and July 20.

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