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Writing isn’t for sissies. It’s hard. Hence, I’m always interested in ways to make it easier. Having a proper office equipped with tools conducive to writing can help. For the holidays this year, I’ve compiled a list of “must-have” products for authors. I’ve used most of these items (or similar products), so I can personally attest to the practicality and the awesomeness.

For more information about the items listed here, click on the photo.

Noise cancelling headphones.

I’m lucky. I have an office, and I can shut the door when I’m trying to write. But, a lot of authors write in their kitchens or living rooms with kids running around screaming while the TV blares. Tune out the noise and distractions with noise cancelling headphones.

Fingerless writing gloves.

I have a couple of pairs of these. My hands get cold in winter when I’m trying to write, and fingerless writing glove help a lot. There are two basic kinds: gloves with “half fingers” and gloves with no fingers. (The half finger ones here come in 10 different colors).







A wireless keyboard for laptop users.

Having a keyboard with a more natural fit makes writing a lot more comfortable. I write on a laptop, but I set it on my desk so I use a wireless keyboard and mouse. I recently ran across this retro wireless keyboard. It looks so cool!

This is the one that I use. It’s really comfortable (and budget friendly)

A desktop book shelf

I have several reference books that I use all the time, Chicago Manual of Style, The Synonym Finder, The Emotion Thesaurus, The Writers A-Z of Body Language, and my own romance novel sex scene thesaurus, Naughty Words for Nice Writers. I like to keep them handy, easily reachable. I have a little sliding bookshelf on my desk that’s just the right size to hold my reference books. I got mine on eBay, but if I had it to do over again, I’d get this one. It’s has some handy little drawers.

A laptop riser

A laptop is meant to rest on your lap. Duh. But I don’t use my that way. I put it on my desk, but that leads to neck strain. The answer? A laptop riser with adjustable legs. I couldn’t work without it.

A classy mouse rug (pad)

Instead of a mouse pad, how about a a mouse rug to add a little glam to your office? Mine is red, but I’m seriously considering getting this blue one, too.

Writing coasters

Nonauthors think publishing a book is a way to get rich quick. Ha ha ha. It takes years to attract a readership, start selling books and start earning an income. When that finally happened for me, I celebrated my success by purchasing an L-shaped mission style desk for my office. I didn’t want to mess it up by leaving rings from my coffee mug. So…coasters! I thought these were especially appropriate for authors:

Aqua notes – A notepad for the shower

I get some of my best story and plotting ideas when I’m in the shower. Unfortunately, those ideas can go down the drain unless I write them down right away. I’ve done the mad scramble for pen & paper with wet hands, only to have the ink smear, and make my notes unreadable. Now there are Aqua Notes! A pad & pen made just for the shower!

A white board

For jotting down notes in my office, I love the white board that’s right over my desk. Mine is actually frosted glass like this one here.

Tea or Coffee Mug with Appropriate Saying

Lastly, every author needs an appropriate mug for coffee, tea, or pens. I thought this one was cute because it’s true:

What other items do you think would make a great gift for an author? Which of the ones listed do you think are especially handy or cool?


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6 Responses to Practical, FUN gifts for authors…#writers #authors #HolidayGiftGuide

  1. Great ideas. I use one of these and really like it. I can adjust it to hold my kindle at eye level too for easy reading, as well as for using my laptop in a variety of locations.
    I’m not sure if that link is going to work very well.

    I have headphones that I use to listen to music but I should look into the noise cancelling ones. Thanks for the ideas.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      The stand you posted looks like it would work well if you use your laptop in bed. I like the little side holder for the mouse. Sometimes when I sit on the sofa with my laptop, I use my stand as a little table to put my mouse on.

      I know your writing situation. Noise cancelling headphones might help a lot!

  2. YURY KUZMIN says:

    I have a constant “creative” mess on my desktop. So I note a Desktop bookshelf that will help clean up the mess and make the job more enjoyable and productive. It is quite compact and aesthetic.

  3. Diane Burton says:

    Told Hubs I wanted the noise cancelling headphones for Christmas. He said pick it out at Best Buy (it was on sale) and he picked them up. can’t wait to use them.

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