#BestNine — Favorite Instagram photos of 2018

It’s interesting what people think is interesting. I went through my Instagram posts of 2018 and pulled my “best nine” posts of the year. My favorite photos, the ones I was excited to share, weren’t the ones that got the most notice, as measured by likes and comments. Surprisingly, the photos that got the most attention were photos of me. Anytime I posted a photo of myself, it got more likes than anything else I posted.

On Intagram, I try to strike a balance between book promotion and non-promotion posts. I also share (regrann) posts I like.

No surprise to me, the posts that received the least amount of attention were book promotion posts.

Toward the end of the year, I started to see an increase in average likes after I started using hashtags more strategically.

So what was popular?

Best Nine ~ Follower Favorites

Clockwise at top left: 1) My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this year. This was  our wedding photo. 2) A recent photo of me. I love this jacket & necklace. 3). I don’t know why this selfie of me in my closet got a lot of attention, but it did. 4). The strawberry cream cake I baked for my mom’s 80th birthday 5) I won 2nd place in my neighborhood chili cook-off 6) I won a raffle basket of signed books at a writers conference 7) A 1950s Fiesta Ware display at an antique store. I loved the colors. 8) My official author photo 9) A photo of me last winter before I cut my hair.

Best Nine ~ My Personal Favorites

Starting at top left: 1) I love squirrels. This little guy (or girl)  was right outside our patio door and just happened to turn to give me a perfect shot. 2) This is my husband’s shirt, laid out on our bed. The shirt is almost the same pattern as our duvet cover. No wonder he liked the duvet cover when I bought it! 3) My husband took this photo of two ravens at the Tower of London. 4) My husband took this photo of an eagle in a tree in our backyard 5) My author photo (taken by DH). I’m always happy when I get a good photo. I am not photogenic. I have to take a gazillion shots to get one good one. 6) The first full moon of 2018 (by DH), 7) This joke cracked me up. I love a good pun 8) My sci-fi romance, Alien Mate, is set on an icy planet. I took it with me to the Arctic Circle! This photo was taken inside an ice hotel in Norway. I signed the book and gave it away in a prize drawing. 9) I liked the chili cook-off photo because it was something fun that I had done this past year.

See more photos of the year on my Instagram profile.

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