What I read in February: 9 books I recommend #SFR #PNR #Nonfiction

Looking for your next good book? Take a look at what I read in February. I recommend all of these. You’ll find a mix of science fiction romance, paranormal romance (dragons and shifters), and some nonfiction titles.

Anna Hackett is THE standard for action-oriented science fiction romance. In Edge of Eon, Earth comes under attack by insectoid aliens. Eon, the only people strong enough to help, have refused to get involved. Earth’s military blackmails an officer into kidnapping a Eon warrior. Everything goes according to plan, until they come under attack by the insects, crash land on a military training planet, and battle the elements, the insects, and their own attraction. Awesome world building and cool characters. A fast-paced, action-oriented read with a lot of steam for good measure. Winner of three SFR Galaxy Awards!

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This is my favorite Tasha Black romance so far. Anna is a privateer, who salvages usable items from abandoned spaceships. She’s dropped off on an abandoned ship to tag it for salvage, only to discover she’s not alone. There’s Leo, a handsome alien; a baby who might be the clone of Russian writer Tolstoy, and something evil.

Tolstoy pulled me into the story right away with its awesome world-building. I felt like I was watching the movie, “Passengers.” The characters are likable, and the story kept me guessing. I loved the little origami drone BFF19. It was so cute and clever. The book is worth reading just for BFF19. But Tolstoy overall is great. Read it!

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The book opens with a brief quiz about the world. To my surprise, I scored lower than a chimpanzee would–as does everyone else who takes the quiz. Due to incremental changes occurring over time, the world has improved tremendously, but the small year-by-year changes don’t get noticed, and people’s assumptions become outdated. Using research and data, the author shows how much the world has changed, the faulty reasoning leads to misconceptions, and how people can evaluate statistics and data to get an accurate picture. If my description of the book sounds a little boring, don’t judge the book by it. Factfulness is fascinating and eye-opening.

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Heroine Leah, a temp worker, goes to work for playboy Hugo, unaware he’s a dragon. He’s determined to seduce her; she’s determined to resist. Eventually, she does succumb, and gets turned into a dragon. It was entertaining to watch the cat-and-mouse game between Hugo and Leah.The first part had the feel of a Harlequin romance of yore when a secretary fell for her rich Playboy boss who was out of her league. Once Leah got turned, the story spun off in a different direction about Hugo fighting to keep the family jewels (Lol, his hoard, not the OTHER kind) and his position in dragon society. The first half was a kick, a lot of fun; the second half was ok.

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Do you know why your books aren’t selling? It might not be what you think. David Gaughran takes authors on the reader’s journey from not knowing an author exists on through become a fan. Your work isn’t done just because a reader buys a book. Strangers to Superfans explains why books sell and why they don’t, and gives authors the tools to diagnose marketing problem on every step of the reader’s journey.

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Classic Sue Mercury/Sue Lyndon with an innocent (but not naive) human heroine and a powerful, protective alien hero. A sweet love story with steam. Perfect when for when you want something quick and light.

(Sue Lyndon writes kinky SFR. Under the Sue Mercury pen name, she writes steamy, but not kinky SFR).

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To get a vial of dragon blood to cure her dying brother, Melanie Hall offers herself up as a sacrifice to bear a dragon shifter’s baby. The dragon shifter who acquires her isn’t happy about it. He’s fulfilling his duty to his clan by reproducing, but he hates humans. They killed his mother.

Can this mating be saved?

I loved the beginning of the book. It hooked me right away. It was an enjoyable read all the way through. Highly recommend for dragon shifter fans.

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I liked this book a lot; it was a fun read. I especially enjoyed the hunt part when the dragons were trying to capture a human mate. Exciting stuff! And it was interesting to see how the different women reacted to being chased.

I found the opening a little hard to get into. There were a lot of characters mentioned and keeping track of who was who was a bit of a challenge. I almost didn’t read further, but I was glad I did because it turned out to be a very good read–and the setup in the beginning was important to understanding the story.

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Excellent advice on what needs to be in a romance for it to be a compelling, page-turning read. Romancing the Beat is written in an amusing, straight-forward style that’s easy to understand and follow. It’s only 100 pages, so it’s a like a quick tutorial. There’s a link in the book that allows you to download a free worksheet to apply what you learned in the book. I should have read this years ago!

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Have you read any of these? What did you like them? What other books do you recommend?

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4 Responses to What I read in February: 9 books I recommend #SFR #PNR #Nonfiction

  1. Gill Kerry says:

    Yes, I loved the Anna Hackett book. Also this month have read Hardest Fall by Juliette Cross. Just finished it and it was gorgeous. Also Hexhunter by Jordan L Hawk. Can also recommend Alien Mischief as I’m sure you are too modest to recommend it yourself!

  2. Ed Hoornaert says:

    The only one of these I’ve read is Romancing the Beat. Worthwhile, though not world-changing. I always enjoy Anna Hackett, but I find that my mind get messed up ever so slightly if I read SFR while I’m working on one of my own.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I know a lot of authors who feel that way, that they don’t like to read in their genres while they’re writing in it. That has never affected me, but as you can see, I read a variety.

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