A dragon in the hot seat: an interview with Prince K’ev of Under Fyre (Alien Dragon Shifters 1)

My special guest today is Prince K’ev ulu K’rah Qatin (K’ev) of planet Draco and the hero of Under Fyre (Alien Dragon Shifters 1), my upcoming new release. I managed to get the prince to answer a few questions.

Cara: I’m surprised you’re going to mate with a human woman. I got the impression you don’t think much of humans.

Prince K’ev: I don’t think much of humans. They’ve proven themselves to be liars and thieves. But, I’m not taking a mate. Dragons and humans can’t mate, because humans have no fyre. The human woman will be my concubine. And, I wouldn’t be taking her at all if my father the king hadn’t ordered it.

Cara: As a human, I’m offended that you call us liars and thieves. Your people have threatened to attack Earth! My people are hiding in tunnels, underground garages and bunkers in fear for their lives.

Prince K’ev: Draconian justice is swift and harsh. We don’t initiate conflicts, but we end them decisively. Your government has been stealing precious metals from a planet that is rightfully ours, now you’re attempting to colonize and steal the planet itself, and when we offered you an opportunity to demonstrate your good faith by sending the president’s daughter as my consort, you sent a substitute and tried to pass her off as the First Daughter. The facts speak for themselves.

Cara: I thought you liked Rhianna.

Prince K’ev:  If I had to get stuck with a human, she’s the best of the worst. I met her years ago when she was a child, and I thought she was different from the rest. But, she lied to me, too. Went along with the ruse to pass herself off as the president’s daughter.

Rhianna is different. She’s delectable. She’s our mate.

Cara: I’m sorry. What was that last part? I didn’t quite catch it.

Prince K’ev [Looking uncomfortable]: Nothing. Ignore my dragon.

Cara: You talk like you’re two separate people. Aren’t you and the dragon one and the same?

Prince K’ev: We are two, and we are one. Two minds in one body. We share one fyre. Humans and other nonshifters rarely understand the duality.

Cara: One last question. Can dragons really throw fire?

[A burst of flame ignites the desk]

Prince K’ev: Any more questions?

Cara: Uh, no. Thanks for the interview. [Rushes to put out the fire].

Under Fyre (Alien Dragon Shifters 1) blurb

Betrayed by her people, does she dare trust a dragon?

The alien dragon shapeshifters who discover Earth come in peace—at first. Then, inexplicably, they threaten to attack. In an attempt to show goodwill and appease the dragons, Earth sends a human woman to become a concubine to one of the Draconian king’s sons, Prince K’ev.

K’ev would sooner give up his ability to breathe fire than accept a human, but when he meets Rhianna, sparks fly, and his dragon realizes she’s his mate.

Rhianna falls for the hot-blooded prince, unaware she’s a key link in a desperate scheme to defeat the dragons, a strike that could backfire with devastating consequences. Will she figure out what Earth has planned in time to save her dragon mate? And if she does, will K’ev be able to save her planet from an angry king’s retaliation?

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