Epic kitchen/cooking disasters….#KitchenAccidentsHappen

How do you make meatloaf and end up with tomato soup on the back of your head?

My family meatloaf recipe calls for tomato soup. As I was emptying a family-sized can of tomato soup into a measuring cup, the soup plopped in, kind of exploded, arced over my head and landed in my hair, on the back of my head.

That’s a new one. Although it’s not my only kitchen accident.

On another occasion, I was making chili in the crock pot. I had soaked the dried beans and had them draining in a colander in the sink. At the center island, I mixed all other ingredients in the crock pot, then went to take the crock pot to the sink to add the beans. The crock pot must have been cracked, because the bottom fell out. Chili went everywhere. There was even in the hinges of the cabinets! Months later I was still finding bits of chili in odd places.

Another time, I was baking an Italian cream cake for my husband’s birthday. The recipe calls for you to alternately add/mix flour and buttermilk. I had the batter mixing in the bowl, and as I went to add more flour, I dropped the measuring cup in the bowl–as the beaters were going. Cake batter splattered everywhere.

The epic cake batter explosion….

What’s your best kitchen/cooking disaster?

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2 Responses to Epic kitchen/cooking disasters….#KitchenAccidentsHappen

  1. Janet Seavey says:

    The best one that happened in our house was when my daughter (a teen) decided to make a graham cracker crust. She put the crackers in the blender and pushed the high speed button. Without putting the lid on. Graham cracker crumbs aaalllllll over!

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