Recommended Reads: What I read in May #SFR #PNR & more!

I read eight full-length books in May, an eclectic assortment, which included two sci-fi romances, two paranormal, one paranormal/romantic comedy, one contemporary romance, and a nonfiction book. I’m behind in my Goodreads challenge, though. I’ll have to read some novellas to catch up.

One day Earth women are going about their business, living normal lives, and the next thing they know, they awaken out of suspended animation on an alien spacecraft a couple hundred years in the future. They’ve been chosen to become the brides or “chalices”of the Chiagan-Se, an alien race whose people were nearly wiped out by the Deg’Nara. The Chiagan-Se need women and a new homeland. They are good men who have no idea their Chalices from Earth didn’t come voluntarily.

The Chalice is an entertaining, sometimes funny romance with a lot of twists and turns, missteps and misunderstandings. Great character interaction.

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Dragon shifters can only mate with human females who are their soul mates. If they guess wrong, their fire will kill the woman. It happened to Finn. He’s avoiding women now, and devotes himself to putting out fires caused by rogue dragons to prevent humans from learning that dragons exist.

Delaney is fleeing a stalker and mysterious fires that she fears she’s somehow responsible for. When another fire occurs, she encounters Finn, who’s determined to find out her secrets.

Loved the alpha hero! Finn is super hot. Great characters made for a fast-paced read. I found the reasoning behind the story a little murky/weak, but overall, I recommend The Boss.

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Smoking will kill you. So will quitting smoking, as Astrid finds out when she seeks out a hypnotist to stop smoking and ends up a vampyre. Not just any vampyre, The Chosen One, the bridge between light and darkness. She attracts the attention of the Vampyre Prince himself, who wants her as his eternal mate. As she learns more about vampyre society, Astrid learns the shocking details about her family tree. Fashionably Dead is a fast-paced, zany, romantic comedy. I loved every quirky moment of it–until I got to the cliffhanger ending. No HEA. No HFN. Just a cliffhanger. Boo. I did not expect that.

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Sarah Metzger, an aspiring astrophysicist, watches a UFO crash land one evening. She rescues the pilot, an alien wolf shifter and runaway slave named Rei. Love blossoms while he tries to find a way back to his world. Then the slave masters come looking for him…

This was a good, solid read. The beginning started strong. The middle dragged a bit, but I forged on and was glad I did, because the exciting ending was worth it.

I love the different alien characters in this series; I hope they each get their own book!

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When Annwyl the Bloody (human) meets Fearghus the Destroyer (dragon), it’s magic! Annwyl is trying to defeat her brother before he kills her. His army nearly does, but Fearghus, impressed by her bravery, comes to her rescue. She falls in love with her dragon savior, and can’t understand the desire she feels for the arrogant knight who trains her to control her anger and become a better fighter. It seems Fearghus is keeping a little secret…Dragon Actually is a fun romp. I devoured it. It’s actually two books, containing Chains and Flames, a novella of how Fearghus’s mother, the dragon queen, met her consort. Chains and Flames delves into dragon BDSM. It was a fun read, too.

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I haven’t had a unbroken night’s sleep in 8 years. I’m not tired the next day, but I wake up 2-3 times a night. Apparently, that’s a normal sleep pattern for someone for my age (ahem). Now, if I were sleepy the next day, that could be a sign of sleep apnea and should be addressed.

The fact is, as we age, our bodies change. How do we know what’s normal and what should require medical intervention? This book pretty much lays out what to expect physically and physiologically when you reach “middle age.” A very helpful, informative book. Highly recommend for those 40 and over.


Single mom Emily Grant thinks she’s found the answer to her woes when she rents a cheap apartment from Delta Forces soldier Cormac Fletcher. The man is hot, their attraction is mutual, and he genuinely seems to like her daughter, Annie. But when a soldier with a grudge extorts her and threatens Annie to get back at Fletch, she begins to wonder if Fletch is the man she thought he was. There was much love about this story. Fletch was a total swoon-worthy hero. He has become one of my most favorite book boyfriends ever. Annie, as a precocious little girl who prefers GI Joe to Barbie was adorable. I loved getting to know the characters and seeing the romance unfold. I enjoyed the “family” moments, too.


As a witch, Ava Blakely is a failure. Powerless. It’s probably why her fiance jilted her at the altar. She’s determined to make a life for herself–living as a human if she has to–and growing her potions business. It’s a lonely existence until two Enforcers whisk her away, hoping one of her potions can reverse a hex. But one Enforcer, a hotter-than-hot witch, is interested in more than her potions.

This was such a fun, light and lively romance, I read it in once sitting. The characters were charming, and the plot points well-connected. A perfect summer read!


What did you read this month that was good?

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4 Responses to Recommended Reads: What I read in May #SFR #PNR & more!

  1. Patsy says:

    Thank you so much Cara for the review of The Chalice!

  2. Gill says:

    May was a great month for me. I discovered 2 new authors, and I’m currently reading your new one.
    New to me were Sara Sheridan, and the first in her series about Mirabelle Bevan, a sort of detective set in 50s Brighton, Brighton Belle. And Anna Zabo, whose Twisted Wishes triligy, I devoured. The characters stayed in my head for days.
    Also Dragon Fire by Juliette Cross, Nothing to Hide by Allison Brennan, Proper English by KJ Charles, Camron by Veronica Scott, and Slow Ride by Jayne Rylon

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