Life imitating fiction…the month I drew fire…

The end of April through the middle of May, my husband and I went on an 18-day trip to Ireland and Scotland. It can be hard to schedule vacations around book releases. I’m always writing; there’s never a downtime. So the only way to go is just to go. My husband and I had booked the trip months in advance, I put my new alien dragon shifter romance Under Fyre on preorder and scheduled the release for the week after we came home.

And then….

My 80-year-old mom needed a hip replacement  but it had been delayed for health reasons. After a year’s wait, the month before our trip, her doctor scheduled her surgery for the day before Under Fyre‘s release day. That ramped up the stress a little, but no problem. I figured I would go to Scotland, come home and work on what I needed to work on at my mom’s house, while I helped her recuperate. Life was still under control.

Also in April, I had a few routine medical appointments–dentist, dermatologist, mammogram. Just the usual.

And then…

I got a call back about the mammogram. After a breast ultrasound and then a biopsy, a week before we were due to leave, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Do I go on the trip or not? What am I going to do about my mom? She had an aide, but the woman only worked part-time. And now I wouldn’t be able to stay with her after her surgery because I’d be going through my own.

And then…

The aide quit the day after I got the cancer diagnosis! Now mom had no one to help her during my vacation (IF I went) and no one for after the surgery.  It was a mad, mad scramble to hire a replacement. Fortunately, I was able to hire two women to take care of things pre-and post surgery for her.

After talking with my doctors, I decided to go on the trip. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to set side the worry and enjoy myself, but I’m happy to say I did. For the most part, I put it out of my mind.

I got home from the trip and had surgery (a lumpectomy) a week later, on Under Fyre release day–the day after my mother had her hip replaced. She had surgery on a Monday; I had surgery on Tuesday. I had a couple of uncertain days wondering how the pathology report would turn out, but I’m pleased to say that it was great! I had a very treatable form of breast cancer (DCIS) that was caught early. The margins and lymph nodes were clear. As I write this, I’m finishing up a round of radiation to prevent recurrence, which is protocol for lumpectomies. (My mom is in a rehab facility).

I had no idea I would come under fire in May! Under Fyre turned out to be a prophetic title! Breast cancer had always been my no. 1 fear, but while I had some anxiety-ridden moments, for the most part I was able to not freak out, maintain an even-keel state of mind, and just deal with the situation. Having a vacation and a book release provided much-needed distractions from the medical dramas. I had a great support system.  My husband was a rock and supported me throughout the entire thing. My family, friends, and neighbors were awesome. Facebook and author friends were so supportive, both emotionally and in helping to get the word out about the release of Under Fyre since I was indisposed. Friends and neighbors brought  food and sent flowers and care packages. Everyone rallied around me. I am so grateful and touched by the support I received.

And thankfully, I’m organized. In preparation for my absence on the trip, I had a lot of Under Fyre activities scheduled in advance, which is why you got a newsletter about the release when I was in the hospital!

So, that’s what’s been going on in my life. I am hoping for an uneventful summer. I think I might title my next book, “Nothing’s Happening.” Lol.

This is the book with the prophetic title:

Betrayed by her people, does she dare trust a dragon?

The alien dragon shapeshifters who discover Earth come in peace—at first. Then, inexplicably, they threaten to attack. In an attempt to show goodwill and appease the dragons, Earth sends a human woman to become a concubine to one of the Draconian king’s sons, Prince K’ev.

K’ev would sooner give up his ability to breathe fire than accept a human, but when he meets Rhianna, sparks fly, and his dragon realizes she’s his mate.

Rhianna falls for the hot-blooded prince, unaware she’s a key link in a desperate scheme to defeat the dragons, a strike that could backfire with devastating consequences. Will she figure out what Earth has planned in time to save her dragon mate? And if she does, will K’ev be able to save her planet from an angry king’s retaliation?

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If you’d like to see some photos of the trip to Ireland and Scotland, I posted some on this blog. CLICK HERE.

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6 Responses to Life imitating fiction…the month I drew fire…

  1. JenM says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough month and a big health scare. At least the book release went smoothly. I’m sure it was a good distraction from everything else. I hope the rest of your summer is quiet and relaxing.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Having a book release was a good distraction. It gave me something to focus on. I’m doing well. I’ll be done with radiation next week, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful, BORING summer!!

  2. Lisa Medley says:

    I can’t wait to beta read Nothing’s Happening. It will be a bestseller!

  3. Susana says:

    You’re an amazing woman. You’re an example of how to deal with extremely difficult situations. I’m glad to hear your mom and you are doing better.

    Read in no time “Under Fyre”, liked it a lot. I’m already eager to redad the upcoming book too.


    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thank you. I’d always admired people who handled themselves well in a crisis, and I wanted to emulate them. In maintaining my cool to not freak out other people, it helped me cope. By acting calm, I was calm.

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