Recommended Reads: What I read in June #amreading

Two books on June’s short list show the breadth and diversity of science fiction romance. Alpha’s Capture by Livia Bourne is dark and disturbing, while Pretty Human is light and sweet. Two good books, both totally different.

I read seven books this past month, but only five are reviewed here. One I beta-read, and I’ll review it when the book is released. The other, I don’t and cannot recommend. I’m surprised I even finished it. I DNFed three other books I couldn’t get into.

Rachel rides the train every past suburban tracts every day. There’s one house along the tracks occupied by a young couple. From the brief glimpses of their lives as the train rumbles by, Rachel forms an impression of their lives and the kind of people they are. And then, one day, she sees something different, disturbing that changes her impression. Should she tell what she saw?

The Girl on the Train is psychological thriller that probably would have been featured on Oprah’s Book Club, if she was still doing it. What makes this book so fascinating is the way author Paula Hawkins reveals the details—like a train ride, a flash at a time. The impression the reader forms of the characters at the start of the book completely changes by the end—much like Rachel’s impression of the young couple by the tracks. What you see isn’t all that there is.

The characters are the story, and they are flawed, dysfunctional, broken people. The main character is not easy to like at first, but by the end it’s easier to have empathy for her and forgive her flaws.

The Girl on the Train takes the reader on a ride through the seedy parts of the human psyche. Not pretty, but definitely unforgettable.


The blurb caught me right away, and I’m pleased to say that the book lived up to it. A nurse goes to work for a secret medical facility and learns they’re conducting genetic experiments on the patients. Of course, she gets close to one special patient. I really enjoyed the details in this story; it made it feel very real. Nice build-up of tension. A fast, easy, entertaining read. Highly recommend.


On a dig, archaeologist Jemma Flannigan discovers an ancient alien dragon shifter who instantly claims her as his mate. Add in ex-husband with an axe to grind, the military who want to experiment on the dragon, unexpected betrayals, and the threat of annihilation by unfriendly aliens and there’s plenty to keep this sci-fi romance fast-paced and interesting.


Author Livia Grant is known for pushing the envelope and making readers squirm with her erotic romance. Writing her first science fiction romance as Livia Bourne she holds nothing back. A group of vile aliens find amusement in sexually torturing females to death. They capture a spacecraft full of Alpha male warriors and female betas to use as entertainment in their Roman Gladiator style games, having developed a secret drug to force the honorable Alphas to attack and rape the females. Alpha’s Capture is like a scary movie that forces you to cover your eyes–then peek through your fingers because you have to watch. It’s brutal, but brilliantly executed.


Varrick va’Rin is a high-ranking nobleman bored with his life. He’s tired of the parties, of the sycophants, of the women vying to be his mate. And then he does the unthinkable: something so deviant, so disgusting he risks losing his reputation and ranking in society. He falls in love with an alien from a D Class planet, a human. A pretty human with a sassy mouth and whole of lot spunk. Milly.

Pretty Human is a rags to riches story inspired by the movie Pretty Woman. I loved, loved, loved this novella. It was exactly what I needed at the time: short, sweet, and light.


Have you read any of these? What did you think?

Please note: I’m an author, not a book blogger or reviewer. I read for personal enjoyment, and I choose to share what I read, but I don’t accept review requests.

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10 Responses to Recommended Reads: What I read in June #amreading

  1. Gill says:

    A slow month in June. Only 8 books read. I was in holiday for the first half so too many other things to do! Standouts were:-
    Dom by Anna Hackett. Hell Squad #18. One of the best of this series now reaching its end game

    Hither, Page by Cat Sebastian. Shenanigans in post war England

    Stealing Vengeance by Kaylea Cross. Vengeance #1. A great start to a new series about the badass Valkyries from previous books

    Badari Warriors Baby by Veronica Scott. Badari Warriors series. Good to see what happens with a certain character. No spoilers!

  2. Susana says:

    I saw the movie “The girl on the train” last weekend on tv but haven’t read the book. It was an interesting plot. I liked it.

  3. JenM says:

    If you are looking for a non-romance related book, I highly, highly recommend A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in years. Basically the plot is that in 1922, a Russian aristocrat is sentenced to house arrest in the Grand Metropol Hotel in Moscow in lieu of execution. If he steps foot outside the hotel he’ll be killed, but as long as he stays inside he’s allowed to live. This is one of those books that manages to be both deeply personal, focusing on the main character’s life inside the hotel, but at the same time, manages in just a few carefully placed scenes here and there, to let the reader know about the breadth of history taking place outside the hotel walls. Really amazing.

  4. Eve says:

    Ah shucks, so glad you liked it.

  5. Gill says:

    I’ve now read the Eve Langlais book, and loved it. Just finished the second one too. I’m really enjoying the series, and loved Jett, the very dark hero.

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