BookBub! The Alien Mate boxed set is 99 cents for a limited time

In advance of a BookBub Featured Deal, the Alien Mate Complete Collection boxed set is on sale for 99 cents for a limited time. A steal of a deal! If you bought all four books individually, it would cost $18.96 US. Grab it while the deal lasts!

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Mail order brides of the future travel from Earth to an icy planet to meet the alien men of their dreams. This boxed set contains all four books of the Alien Mate series:

Alien Mate (Book 1)

Falsely convicted of a crime, she’s sentenced to life as an alien’s mail order bride.

Alien Attraction (Book 2)

How insane is it to marry an alien as a publicity stunt?

Alien Intention (Book 3)

Their attraction unleashes a perfect storm.

Alien Mischief (Book 4)

Will a little mischief jeopardize her second chance for love?

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