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A paranormal romance inspired by the Greek myth of the Amazon women warriors.

A powerful tribe of women warriors lives in service to the Goddess, separate from men, their sworn enemies, until mating fever strikes and they must venture into the wilderness to seek mates.

Sheltered and protected behind palace walls, Princess Reena has never even seen a man. When the mating curse compels her older, wiser cousin to seek a mate, Reena accompanies her, eager for the chance to see a man in the flesh.

Reena learns how dangerous men can be.

Embittered by a terrible wrong a woman committed against him. Garat leaves his encampment to secure the water his people need to survive. When he encounters the queen’s daughter in the wilderness, his need for vengeance consumes him, and he takes Reena hostage. But as her sweetness melts his hatred, Garat begins to suspect there is an evil behind the palace walls that wants Reena dead.

After kidnapping her, can he get his heartmate to believe the people she trusts the most want to kill her? Can he open her eyes to the evil force that threatens their love and her life?

Warrior’s Curse is a re-release of the previously published Goddess’s Curse. It has been updated with a new ending. It’s a single, standalone novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

A new excerpt from Warrior’s Curse…

“I’m aware of how curious you are about the Lahon. How would you like to see them for yourself?”

“What do you mean?”

“How would you like to accompany me on the manhunt?”

“Mother would never permit it.” Her pulse raced at the prospect of seeing a barbarian in the flesh.

“She would. I already asked her.”

“She said yes?” Reena widened her eyes. “You’re jesting. How?”

Honna’s hesitation revealed the answer. Becauseobserving from afaris the closest I will ever come to mating, and my mother seeks to grant my dying wish. A measure of excitement receded. Why, now, when she felt better, did people assume the worst? Could it be a symptom of her malady that she rallied before she keeled over?

“I convinced her that due to your remission, you can handle the journey. She knows how interested you are in the Lahon, so she agreed to let you accompany me under one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“You resume taking the herb.”

Reena grimaced. “All right.”

“Thank you. I’m so glad you’ll join me. It will make this whole experience bearable. I can rest easy knowing I’m there to care for you, and you’ll get to see the Lahon. Perhaps then you’ll realize they’re not what you’ve built them up to be in your mind.” Honna dug into her medicine pouch and extracted a small vial, which she emptied into a goblet sitting on the bedside table. After filling the glass with water, she handed it to Reena. “Drink up.”

Wrinkling her nose, she took a sip and fought off a shudder.

Honna smiled approvingly. “I’ll go make the arrangements for our journey. We’ll leave when dawn breaks on the morrow.”

Oh, no…don’t do it Reena!!!

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  1. Susana says:

    Yay! Totally getting it! 😀

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