Thought-provoking motivational advice from an unlikely source…#motivation #success #inspiration

Recently I ran across a homily that resonated with me. It was this:

“If you can’t do anything about it, then it’s not a problem. It’s a circumstance. Deal with problems, and the circumstances may or may not change.”

Not all bad things are problems that require action! Often life hits us with situations that we can’t do anything about. Running around, desperately trying to fix the unfixable is pointless. You have to accept the hand you were dealt and make it work or work around it.

After I saw that “quote,” I started collecting others. Here are a few more worth pondering. (I’ll cite the source as the end of this post*).

“There’s a movie going on in your mind. You have turn off the drama on this small screen before you can see what’s really happening in the world beyond.”

“If you want to confuse a stranger, ask for directions to ‘anywhere.’ Such a question would baffle even the wisest guide. Before anyone can show you the way, you have to know where you’d like to go.”

“Go on and follow in the footsteps of this made-up hero, who, if you think about it, is actually an idealized version of you.”

“Your method has helped you get the goal several times already, but now something has changed. Suddenly, that same method won’t net the same results. The winner’s way is to adapt.”

(Lol. This affects just about every author I know!)

“It is said that spicy food raises the metabolism, and spicy living does the same for your energy level. You’ll add a little risk, and suddenly, things will pick up.”

“What helps you calm down is a sense of knowing. Note that believe and knowing are not the same thing. Belief is a decision.”

“What is the cost of inaction? Look at that closely because it’s higher than you think. When you tally up all that’s lost by not making a move, you’ll find it to be a terrible and needless expense.”

Do any of these quotations resonate with you? Which ones and why?
What do they mean to you?

*All these quotations were daily horoscopes in my local newspaper. FYI, I don’t believe in astrology, but I found these horoscopes to be profound.

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4 Responses to Thought-provoking motivational advice from an unlikely source…#motivation #success #inspiration

  1. Lisa says:

    Great advice! Half of everything is our attitude toward it.

  2. Really great post. I think it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. thanks for sharing.

  3. nitin says:

    Belief is a decision… completely agree with that.

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