#RecommendedReads: What I read in August

August was a bumpy reading month. I started off not finishing three books before I hit a good one. I probably DNFed half a dozen books this month. And I read a contemporary military romance to which I can only give a reluctant three stars (Writing tip for the clueless: unless you’re writing a sci-fi about alien lizards, tongues should never slither). As you know, I will only recommend a book if I can rate it at least 4 out of 5 stars. So the contemporary romance is out. The books you see here are the winners. You can’t go wrong with any of these. Enjoy!

If I could only recommend one book this month, it would be this one. Ignore the cover. Aliens and Ice Cream is AWESOME. It was one of those books that make you sorry when you finish because then it’s all over. Waaaaa!

Aliens attack earth, killing everyone who’s outside. The survivors are holed up inside, but not necessarily with the people they want to be with. Food and water are running out. Great setup, excellent execution. A true page-turner.


I’m a bit behind on my Ruby Dixon TBR list. This is not her latest in the Fireblood Dragons series.

In this one, Fire in his Spirit, Gwen, the leader of the Shreveport settlement, haunted by mistakes she’s made leaves the safety of the settlement to lure away the dragon, Vaan. Of course, Gwen gets her HEA with Vaan. What I particularly liked about Fire in his Spirit were the hints of what’s to come in future books: getting to know more about Azar the Salorian and that something even worse than the Salorians is headed toward Earth.


Dustwalker is outstanding for its world-building. It takes place on post-apocalyptic Earth after humans have all but destroyed the planet and bots have become sentient. Humans are living in squalor and in fear of a tyrannical robotic ruler. Into this, comes a lone dustwalker, a bot in search of meaning, whose journey nears completion when he catches sight of a woman dancing. This is a well-written book with a beautiful romance set in harsh, but believable world. It starts out dystopian, but ends on a more utopian note. That said–no spoilers–I found the epilogue to be a downer. It took my enjoyment of the story down a notch.


A sweet, romantic read. Garrison “Gunner” Reed falls in love with the young pregnant widow he rescues from a slave ship. She’s still in love with her late husband, the father of her child. Can Gunner ever be anything more to her? Sometimes you just want something light, sweet and quick, and this fit the bill. Very enjoyable.


What a set up! Jericho Drake, a bad ass biker dragon shifter assassin sets out to kill the leader of the Knights of the Dragon, an organization that captures and tortures dragons for their magical blood. But when he meets his target, he discovers she’s his mate. What’s an assassin to do?

Throw in a little amnesia, magical tattoos, a family you’d never want to be a part of, and you get quite a few twists and turns.


Please note: I choose to write reviews and share what I read. But I’m an author, not a book reviewer. Therefore, I don’t take book review requests.

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2 Responses to #RecommendedReads: What I read in August

  1. Lea Kirk says:

    I always love checking out your recommendations, Cara, and I’m thrilled you enjoyed All of Me!

    Looking forward to reading Aliens and Ice Cream.


  2. Gill says:

    Cant believes it’s September already. I read quite a few this month, 16 in total. My favourites being:-

    Break the Day by Lara Adrian. A midnight breed novel. Love how the series has been refreshed

    The Lionman Kidnapping by Eve Langlais. Chimera Secrets #3

    A Little Light Mischief by Cat Sebastian. A Turner novella

    Devlin by Barbara Freethy. 7 Brides for 7 Blackthorns #1

    England Expects by Sara Sheridan. Mirabelle Bevan #3. Amateur sleuth set in 50s Brighton

    British Bulldog by Sara Sheridan. Mirabelle Bevan #4

    Ross by Lynn Raye Harris. 7 Brides for 7 Blackthorns #3.

    Defender by Anna Hackett. House of Rone #2

    Seal for Hire by Trish Loye

    Reede by Veronica Scott. Badari warriors Sector’s new Allies #9. I love this series

    Brock by Roxanne St Claire. 7 Brides for 7 Blackthorns #5


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