Recommended Reads: What I read in September 2019

It seems like I buy five books for every one that I read, so books get buried in my Kindle. In September, I made a concerted effort to unearth some of those books and finally read them. I found a lot of treasures. (Alas! I read one sample downloaded last December that I loved, and when I went to the buy the book, it wasn’t available any more. Guess that serves me right for taking so long). With just a few exceptions, this month’s books fall into two categories: newly released Intergalactic Dating Agency romances and the older gems.

I read 11 books this month! For me, that’s lot. I’d gotten behind (by 15 books) on my Goodreads Challenge to read 100 books this year, and had given up on catching up, but after this month, I might catch up after all. I’m only 8 behind now. Woot!

As always, I don’t finish or review books I don’t like or can’t get into, so if it’s listed here, it rates at least four stars. Without further ado, here are the books I recommend….

Cyborg and veteran Raze is trespassing on a corporate-owned planet. He lives alone on the planet raising “noats,” (like goats but not goats) and mourning his lost comrades. Then Sevda, on a scouting mission for the corporation, crash lands. She’s duty bound to report her findings to employer to whom she’s indentured. Raze and Sevda’s attraction is instant and strong, but the corporation controls their fate. Can they find a way to free themselves to live and love?

I enjoyed this book so much! It was the perfect read for me. Appealing characters and a plot with enough tension to keep the story moving forward without overdoing it, which made for a very pleasant read.


After his entire tribe is killed, Ehd, a prehistoric man is barely surviving until the day he finds a woman in one of his pit traps. He immediately claims her as his mate. What he doesn’t know is she’s a modern woman who ended up in his time. At first, she’s scared and distrustful, and they’re unable to communicate, but little by little they draw closer, and she comes to love him.

There were some dangers living in the wild, but the day-to-day struggle for survival is what made this book such a page-turner. I couldn’t put it down. Just a comment: given their communication difficulties and her wariness, it took a long time before Ehd & “Beh” (Beth) had sex, but once they did, they went at it like bunnies for the rest of the book (what else are you going to do in the middle winter during prehistoric times?).


Emma is an authentic psychic, “Madam Love,” whose visions help people meet their soulmates. Lance is the author of “Your Soulmate Doesn’t Exist.” On a radio show, the two spar, and she’s challenged to find him his soulmate in two weeks. But when her crystal ball causes their paths to continue to cross, she realizes SHE might be his soulmate. This was a such a fun, fun entertaining book. Great setup. Witty dialogue. Once Lance got over his animosity toward Madam Love, he became quite the charmer. He was a great book boyfriend. For a good time, read this book!


This book has been on my radar screen for a long time. Literally, decades. It’s been in my Kindle for at least a year, maybe more. I finally read it. It would have been more helpful to me if I’d read it 20 years ago. A lot has changed in two decades, and some of the advice in this book didn’t quite stand the test of time. That said, it does offer amusing personal insights into the mind and writing habits of Anne Lamott, author. If you’re a beginning writer wondering, “Am I normal?” Bird by Bird would be a good book to read.


I enjoyed the entire reaper series, and this Reap & Reckon was like the icing on the cake. Urban Fantasy fans won’t want to miss this one. It offers action-packed high stakes with well-drawn characters, each worthy of a spin-off book! There’s also a lot in this book and series that is though-provoking. Author Lisa Medley always writes a compelling story.


When producers send reality show star Margot Lane to a health spa to lose a few pounds, she’s supposed to lay low and keep it a secret. But when she busts out of fat camp, she accidentally ends up in ANOTHER reality show, So You Think You Can Marry An Alien. It’s not a good place to hide out when you’re on the lam–especially when you’ve developed a strong attraction to the star of the show, Kent, the alien. He needs to “click” with his soulmate, and Margot seems to be the one for him. So You Think You Can Marry An Alien was a fast paced, charming read. At times, laugh-aloud funny. Nice twists and turns. Great HEA.


Minta doesn’t find out until late that her employers are terrorists. When they release a plague and bug out, she’s left behind in enemy territory and must rely on the goodwill of the enemy to survive. When she’s called on to nurse Finn, a cyborg and enemy commando who caught the plague, she falls in love with him and begins to question what she always believed. Who’s the real enemy?

Love Thy Galactic Enemy doesn’t offer pat, black and white answers, but paints the “world” in shades of gray, showing the ambiguity and complexity of life, and the internal conflict that arises when fact seems to contradict belief. The characters well-developed and complex. Even the bad guy, the Watcher, is drawn with empathy. Don’t get too attached to the mizzets.


Megan is a bodyguard; Karos, a dragon shifter, is head of security for the alien embassy on Earth. When Megan’s employer and friend is kidnapped, the two of them team up to rescue them–while in the throes of the “rux,” the mating rut. Strong heroine holds her own again the dragon shifter male. Plenty of action, romance and a little mystery. I really liked the linkage to the other books coming up!


If I could only recommend one book this month, Guarding the Mermaid (Chimera Secrets #2) would be it. I loved it, and I’ll confess I was predisposed to dislike this book.

Mermaids are not my thing. I see “mermaids,” and I lose interest.  Becky, the heroine, came across as dingaling in book 1 (A Nurse for the Wolfman). I didn’t like her in the previous book. Hero Jett is the kind of alpha-hole you find in dark romance. Definitely not my thing. But those elements put together in this story—Wow!

Becky is no dingaling. She’s a nurse in search of a scoop that will allow her to become an investigative reporter (somebody should have told her there’s more money in nursing than in journalism). But the clock is ticking. She’s terminally ill. After she’s attacked by a strange patient at the hospital where she works, she’s offered a job at remote, top-secret medical clinic. She figures out something fishy is going on, and the clinic and its brilliant Dr. Chimera might be her big break.

While Becky is suspicious of the doctor and his experiments; he’s suspicious of her, and orders his henchman Jett to key an eye on her and eliminate her if she becomes a problem. Jett is an amoral enforcer with no compunction about killing somebody if the job calls for it.

But despite himself, he begins to care for Becky. However, as her terminal illness progresses, she wonders if one of Dr. Chimera’s experiments might offer her a miracle cure. However, those experiments come with huge risk—a horrific, painful death or something much, much worse.

How far will she go to try to save her life? How far will Jett go?

Guarding the mermaid offers a tantalizing concoction of medical sci-fi, paranormal, dark romance, and a touch of horror that makes for a page-turning, compelling read. Highly recommend. This is a stand-alone read in the Chimera Secrets series.


This was a fun story. I enjoy seeing how the various IDA authors use the Intergalactic Dating Agency in their stories, and Annie Nicholas is a newcomer to the group. What I really liked about Trace was how the hero and heroine were equal partners working together. Lilly is a reporter investigating human trafficking. Her leads have brought her to the Cosmos Resort. Trace is an undercover alien investigating the same. Suspicious of each other at first, they team up to try to figure out the mystery. A fun, fast-paced, light read.


I have mixed feelings about this book. It hooked me immediately, pulling me away from the other book I was reading (I’d downloaded the Blood Type sample to see if I wanted to buy the book while it was on sale). I loved the set-up: economic crash, humans are struggling. A vampire corporation conspires to take over the city. In desperation, to make ends meet, Reyna signs on with the corporation to become a blood donor to one of the highest ranking vamps in the city. But Beckham, frightening at first, soon captivates her attention, and she begins to crave more from him than he’s willing to give (or, as the case is, to take. He won’t feed from her and she doesn’t know why). Throughout the story is there is delicious ongoing tension created by the vampire threat.

However…the heroine does a lot of stupid things, and never gets any smarter. Her last stupid thing at the end of the book creates a cliffhanger ending. (The Blood Type “series” is a serial). Beckham also does some stupid things that pushed the believability beyond the boundaries (Ex: he’s says he wants to protect her, but he takes her places where he knows her life will be endangered). Although my eyes rolled, I kept reading and reading. So, it’s definitely a compelling story. I do recommend Blood Type for vampire romance fans AND for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey (it had the same tone and feel, and Blood Type is much better written).


Have you read any of these books? Which of these intrigue you? What are your recommended reads?

Please note: I’m author who chooses to share what I read. I’m not a book reviewer, so I don’t take book review requests.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    September was a good month. I’ve said before how much i love Eve Langlais series. Lionman was great too and I’m looking forward to the next one. Also enjoyed the Susan Hayes and Annie Nicholas stories.
    Other standouts were:

    Relentless by Leah Ashton. WASP #3. I’m enjoying this series set in western Australia. Makes a change from the US
    Blind Spot by Brenda Novak. Evelyn Talbot #4. Great finale to this series
    Joy Ride by Jayne Rylon. Powertools: Hot Rides #4. Another great menàge/poly tale by Jayne Rylon
    Kiss of Eon by Anna Hackett. Eon warriors #4
    The Ratcatcher’s Daughter by KJ Charles. A lovely short read

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