Six short excerpts from SIXX: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides #novellines

In extraterrestrial bar, Moxie Maguire waits for her blind date to arrive:

“You haven’t been here before, have you?”
“First time,” I admitted.
“No worries, hon. Nobody here bites, except for the Zurelians, and they’ve been banned.”

Her date (“Buckskin”) finally arrives…

I stood up, and found myself caught between two men about to butt horns—literally, since the late arrival sported two cute leathery dark brown nubs from his nicely shaped skull. He glanced at me, and the horns pulsed.

My stomach cha-chaed. So did my heart. And my womb.  And Miss Priss.

“She hasn’t been stamped and tagged,” Tentacle Guy said. He was blowing up like a puffer fish. Not attractive in a tentacled guy. Not. At. All.

“She’s my mate,” Buckskin said.

“Hold it, boys. First of all, on this planet, nobody stamps and tags anybody.” I glanced around. Where was Betty? Did they have bouncers in this place?

After meeting her date, “Sixx,” Moxie calls her mom

“You don’t sound happy. What’s wrong?”
“We come from two different planets.”
Mom laughed. “Yeah, well, he’s an alien.”

She decides she likes him, only there’s a problem…

For what it was worth—it had worked. One look at Sixx, and my body had pinged to life. I pictured the surge of desire as a computer booting up, music flowing, lights coming on, icons popping up on the screen. All systems go.

Then Sixx pulled the power cord.

Moxie’s boss has a knack for interfering in her personal life.

“I’m calling a work session tomorrow.”
See? Sixth sense. He couldn’t know I had a date, yet he managed to throw a wrench into my personal life. Fuckery was his super power. Well, after last night, I wasn’t letting anybody fuck with me. Except maybe Sixx, but that would be a different type of fuckery.

Moxie and Sixx finally get a date. They go to the movies. In Sixx’s POV:

She turned her head, and her gaze collided with mine.
“You’re not enjoying the movie?” she whispered.
“It’s the best movie I’ve ever seen,” I said.
“How many movies have you seen?”
“Counting this one?”
“One,” I replied.

Story blurb

She wants a man who’s got her six…
He needs a mate with enough moxie to leave Earth…

Software developer Moxie Maguire has a BIG dream—save enough money to start her own video game company. That’s why she logs fourteen hours days working for an obnoxious boss. But when life seems to be passing her by, she sets another goal—meet Mr. Right, a man who can support her dream. She joins the Intergalactic Dating Agency and is matched with a hot and horned alien named…Sixx. Sexy as heck, a good listener, family-oriented—he’s the perfect man to share a life with.

If only that life was on Earth.

Sixx has a dream, too. Find a mate, settle down, and raise kits. With females in short supply on his planet, this single dad heads for Earth to get a female and get back to Dakon and his young son. The instant he meets Moxie, he recognizes she’s his Fated Mate. They’re meant to be together.

But he won’t abandon his child. And, unfortunately, his planet has even fewer computers than females. One for the entire planet, to be exact.

Will two Fated Mates have to part? Or can they find a way to work it out?

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