Hand-held voice recorder is this author’s best friend for capturing ideas-on-the-run #writertoolbox #amwriting #amplotting

I do a lot of “writing” when I’m out walking. Ideas come to me, characters start talking, I get a lot of plotting done in 10,000 steps–and then have to remember it all.

When I get home, I run to my office to write it down before the ideas leak out of my head and evaporate. My husband has said (for years), I should get a small digital recorder to take with me when I walk. I resisted. Stubbornness, I guess.

He finally just bought me an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (model VN-541PC) and surprised me with it.

I hate it when he’s right. This little recorder is a tremendous tool. I get so much more “writing” done on my walks. It’s now apparent how much used to “leak” out of my brain before I got home. Being able to record all my ideas makes writing so much easier.

Lightweight (2.3 oz) and small, the recorder fits in my back pocket. It’s has one-touch on and off recording. After every stop, it records on a different track so I can easily find what I’m looking for later. The sound clarity is good. Besides using it when exercising, I take it with me in the car, because I get a lot ideas when I’m driving, too.

I don’t know how I ever got along without this.

DH: How’s that recorder working for you?
Me: Great! I love it–
DH: You never listen to me. I’ve been telling you–
Me: Don’t ruin the gift by saying ‘I told you so’

If you’re a writer, listen to my husband. Get yourself one of these. See the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder on Amazon.

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6 Responses to Hand-held voice recorder is this author’s best friend for capturing ideas-on-the-run #writertoolbox #amwriting #amplotting

  1. Tasha Black says:

    Now THAT’S true love!! Great idea! 🙂

  2. I have a digital recorder, but I find it difficult to use. Maybe yours is easier. I’ll check it out. I also like to walk and think.

  3. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Just in time for Christmas lists, too.

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