Wonder Woman & mythology book fair! #WonderWoman #BookFair

I loved Wonder Woman, the comic books, the TV show starring Lynda Carter, the movie. Wonder Woman was based on the Greek myth of the Amazons, a tribe of fierce, aggressive women warriors who lived separate from men. As a kid, the myth spoke to the feminist in me, that there was a group of women who didn’t need men.

A few years ago, I wrote my own Wonder Woman, story, Warrior’s Curse. I called my wonder women, the Sharona, but they are my version of the Amazons. In the story, the queen’s daughter has never even seen a man until she accompanies her cousin on a mating journey. He turns out to be not at all what she expected, and they fall in love.

During the month of October, Warrior’s Curse is one many books in a romance book fair. All the books by the different authors were inspired by mythology. If you enjoy mythology or fantasy romance, you’re sure to find something you’ll love in the book fair on BookFunnel.

See the Book Fair here.

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