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It looks like I only finished reading four books this month. That’s true. However, in between reading these four, I’ve also been reading the 3000+page Once Upon a Christmas Wedding: a holiday romance collection. I’ve been reading it since the middle of October, and I’m only 2/3 done. I read a few novellas in the anthology, then another book, a few novellas, then another book… It has become a matter of honor to finish the book!!! But by now, it’s become apparent that I am not going to meet my Goodreads Challenge. I’ve only completed 77 of 100 books pledged. (If I could count the 26 books in the anthology as individual books, I would meet my goal!).

Anyway, here are the four books I did finish reading and highly recommend:

Seven is a ghost-talker, able to sense and destroy malevolent spirit energy. As one of the Conditioned, humans with dangerous psi powers, she’s institutionalized, slated to be euthanized at a young age. Brainwashed and self-effacing, she is complacently facing her death when she goes on one last job: exorcise the ghosts inhabiting the home of widower Ben Lavelle and his two young daughters. Ben is the first one to treat her as a human being. As their romance blossoms and he rushes to find a way to save her from her fate, tragedy strikes and takes Seven away from him, seemingly forever.

Illicit Connections was a gripping read that hooked me from start to finish. The character development was typical for a Rebecca Royce book (I’ve seen it in several of her other books), in which she takes a browbeaten, totally self-effacing character and turns her into a courageous, take-charge kick ass heroine. The Conditioned’s secret powers reminded me a little bit of Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series, so if you liked those books, you’ll probably like the Illicit Minds series by Royce. And, BTW, Illicit Connections is book 2 of its series, but it’s totally readable as a standalone.

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Torn from her home as a child, Nadelma rises to a position of acceptance as the head cook for the king and queen. A witch of modest power, she flies under the radar, practicing her gentle magic and seeking notice from no one.

Then Halvar rides into the village. The refuge lord commands a band of mercenary soldiers to be of service to the king. He seeks to secure peace and a home for his people by marrying up.

One look at each other and they recognize they could have something special, but it would come at the expense of everybody else. Halvar cannot marry a lowly cook and provide for his people.

Dreams cannot come true…or can they?

Loved taking a trip to this fantasy world just in time for the holidays! This is a gentle romance with nice world-building and magic! A believable fairyland. Although I like xmas stories, a non-Christmas holiday romance was a refreshing change. Highly recommend this one.

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This one is an attention grabbing page-turner! Responding to a distress call from a colonized planet, a security team finds a lone survivor trapped in a ventilation shaft. Blood is smeared everywhere, and she tells wild tales of monsters attacking the colony. Monsters who appear to have vanished. At first, the reader doesn’t know what to believe. Were there monsters? Or had the hallucinating colonists turned on each other? What was real and what was not? But little by little as the team figures out what happened, it becomes apparent that the security team may not get out of the colony alive either.

Awesome sci-fi thriller with romantic elements. A heart-pounding read!



After invading aliens destroy Earth and capture Eva, they take her and the other humans to a slave market. The martial arts expert does her best to fight them off, but loses the battle.

Taio does not want a slave, but when he sees the valiant Eva fight a losing battle, he rescues her by buying her.

Quickly he realizes she belongs to him. He’s determined to claim his fierce little warrior woman. She’s determined to teach him a thing or two about independent Earth women.

Dangerously Mine is steamier than some of AM Griffin’s later works, but the author still packs in strong character development and detailed, believable world building. The story sucks you in right away.

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Note to readers and authors:

Next month’s Recommended Reads will be my last. I have been cutting back on blogging in general, and due to time constraints, I am not going to be able to continue to do the monthly wrap-up. I will finish out the year, but December’s post will be my last.

I do intend to keep reading, and writing short (er) reviews, which I will post on BookBub and Goodreads. So if you wish to follow my reviews, please follow me there.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would def count those stories as individual tales. I do. Lol.
    I had a slow month last month, combination of holiday plus some personal stuff. But loved Brax by your good self. Plus Daegan by Veronica Scott and Rough Ride by Jayne Rylon


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