His dragon won’t shift and the king wants him to take a human concubine…

An excerpt from Line of Fyre (Alien Dragon Shifters), coming in March 2020!

The king’s cape flared as he paced the Great Hall. Flanking the vacant throne, two guards stood at the ready. As T’mar entered, puffs of smoke steamed from his father’s nostrils. Even in demiforma, the king appeared more dragon than man.  “You’re late. Did you mistake my summons for a suggestion?”

He dropped to his knees and bowed his head. “No, Your Majesty. My apologies.”

“It should not have taken you so long to fly here.”

Letting his father assume he’d dallied could be hazardous. Admitting the truth could be worse. But the king could sniff out a lie a mile off, so T’mar chose truth.

“I walked.”


He’d had told no one of his inability to shift, and no way could he share the shameful secret with his father of all people.

“Never mind!” the king snapped. “Stand up so I can talk to you.”

His father stood a head shorter than him, but he was muscular, powerfully built—and had a killer instinct. Had he not inherited the kingdom, he would have been a formidable warrior. K’rah circled him, giving him the once-over. “I command you to shift.”

To confess he’d lost control of his dragon would render him weak in the eyes of the king, and there would be no redemption. “Your Majesty, I, uh—there isn’t enough room in the hall…”

“Into a man.”

“Excuse me?”

“Show me your man form.”

Before he could formulate a response, his bones cracked and reshaped. His horns and frill receded, his snout shortened into a flat face, and his tail retracted. Scales sloughed off leaving smooth, vulnerable epidermis. His gray intelligent jumpsuit retrofitted around his new body shape. T’mar flexed fingers now tipped by short nails rather than claws.

He hated this form.

Still, he was grateful he hadn’t had to confess his secret, but why had the dragon so readily complied? Because everyone obeys the king, he realizedeven his stubborn dragon.

I am not stubborn!

Sourness oozed off the king as he conducted an inspection. The hairs on T’mar’s now vulnerable nape stood up as his father strode out of sight behind him. One had to see a fireball to dodge it.

Finally, the king stood in front of him. His nostrils flared, emitting smoke and flame. “Sacred fyre, you’re ugly.”

We are not ugly!

Quiet. He might hear you. It was rare to hear another’s dragon, with the exception of one’s mate. But who knew what powers the king commanded?

“I’m betting the human won’t think so,” the king said.

“The…human?” Dread pervaded his bones.

“Your new concubine.”

“Father, no—”

The king’s eyes flashed a dangerous red, but T’mar couldn’t let this go. “Your Majesty, with all due respect, I cannot take a human consort.” The idea horrified him. “Prince K’ev—”

“Has made it work—unfortunately well, as it turns out.” The entire hall reeked with the sour odor emanating from the monarch.

“Then isn’t that enough?” he argued. Why would his father order this? It was obvious he didn’t want another son to take a human concubine.

“You would dare to question your king? I rule Draco, no one else. A ship leaves at star rise for Elementa. Be on it.” He spun around and stalked from the Great Hall. His guards followed. The heavy door to the inner sanctum slammed shut.

T’mar couldn’t have been more stunned. It wasn’t until he squeezed his hands into fists that he realized he’d shifted back to demiforma.

Well, have you nothing to say about this? he asked.

But the dragon had retreated into silence again.

Line of Fyre blurb

You know things are bad on Earth when you’re the president’s daughter and becoming a concubine to an alien dragon shifter seems like your best option…

Helena Marshfield made a big mistake. But making it right puts her life in danger. She’s forced to flee and become the concubine of the Draconian prince. She never expects to be attracted to the “dragon man,” and has no intention of making the relationship real.

Prince T’mar has no wish to consort with a human. Unfortunately, his father, the king, decrees he must accept her, his dragon mistakes her for their mate, and worse, the flame-haired female stirs his desires. Still, he intends to deposit her at the palace and fly away.

But when powers on Earth draw them back into the line of fire, will their unexpected, unwanted burning attraction be the one thing that can save them?

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