BREEDER series now a Boxed Set! Get the 50% early bird discount!

On a planet without a word for love, a gender caste system keeps women in slavery, relegated to breeding. But love will triumph.

Breeder (Book 1)

Omra was only meant to be the Alpha Commander’s breeder…but she became his everything.

Terran (Book 2)

A human woman finds herself at the mercy of her alien abductor.

Warrior (Book 3)

In their fight for freedom, will their love become the casualty?

The Breeder series is an edgy science fiction romance about a violent society struggling with a caste system based on gender. It may contain triggers for some people. Each individual book ends with an HEA and no cliffhanger for the hero/heroine, with the final conclusion and HEA for the society and all its women at the end of Warrior, book three.

Available on Amazon, Apple, GooglePlay, Kobo and BN. Universal buy link.

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