A dating, networking site for spankos…

I heard about DD Life, a dating site for spankos, about the time I was wrapping up Reasonable Doubts, the latest Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline romance. In Reasonable Doubts, widowed heroine Liz is faced with dating for the first time in her spankophile adult life. She could have used a site like DD Life! So I wanted to interview “Princess,” the site’s founder and administrator:  

DDL LogoCara Bristol: How would you describe DD Life? Is is a site primarily for people looking to hook up romantically with like-minded partners, or for people looking to network or form friendships?

Princess: DDLife http://www.myddlife.com is a Domestic Discipline Networking Website started in October 2014. The website is for those seeking a DD partner and for those already living DD to Network with like minded people.

Cara Bristol: Do you think dating is more difficult for “spankos?” Why?

Princess: Indeed! It is still a taboo subject for many and it can be very hard to find a partner. It is a subject that many people are uncomfortable discussing with those outside the scene. Online websites help but as a Spanko for 20 years I know from experience the difficulties faced in finding a partner.

Cara Bristol: What can DD life offer couples?

Princess: DDLife welcomes couples, Myself and my husband run the website and I always had the view in mind that DDLife is for everyone. For couples we have groups, forums, magazine articles and much more. We are also planning a DD meet up for October 2015 where like minded people can meet others in real life.

Cara Bristol: What do people get for their membership?

Princess: Our membership offers many benefits. You have your own profile that you can customise, upload photos and videos. We have Forums, Groups, Blogs, Chat rooms, Instant Messaging and Video messaging. We also have magazine articles and an Events page. We also have our online DDLife Shop. Membership is £6.99 a month or you can join at the special price of £15 for 3 months or £20 for 6 months. All memberships come with a 3 day trial.

Cara Bristol: You’re in the UK. Do expect to draw members from other countries, or is DD life primarily aimed at Brits?

Princess: We welcome Members from around the world! We have many members from Different countries. Most of our members are From the UK, The States and Canada though we have many from Europe and beyond.

Cara Bristol: What do you think is the biggest misconception about domestic discipline?

Princess: The biggest misconception is that Domestic Discipline is abuse. This is simply not the case. Many DD relationships begin when the woman brings the idea to her partner. Everything is discussed before hand and consented by both partners. I have been into DD for over 20 years and in no way is is abuse at all.

images000Cara Bristol: What is the biggest benefit of DD?

Princess: Communication. Having had times where I have not lived DD I have seen the difference in lifestyles. Everything is Discussed in a DD relationship right from the start. Arguments rarely happen as each partner knows what there role in the relationship is and is clear on what is expected, there is little if any conflict in a DD relationship.

Cara Bristol: Can you share a bit of your journey with DD?

Princess: I first heard about DD in my late teens, like many it started off as being interested in spanking but I knew I needed more. I needed to be with a strong, loving and in control man. I found out about DD and when I read what I found it was as if it had been written just for me! I knew exactly what kind of man I was looking for from that point on. DD is a Need for me and not just something that I wanted. After many years of searching I am now happily married to my husband SirDD.

Cara Bristol: Why did you start this site?

Princess: The website was started as we found a lack of DD websites and in particular networking websites. There are many fantastic DD information websites out there but not many where you can have interaction with others. We wanted to build a friendly welcoming website where people could be free to discuss DD with others.

DD Life is listed in my blog roll, or you can click here to visit

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5 Responses to A dating, networking site for spankos…

  1. Thianna D says:

    I am a member of DDLife. Unfortunately, due to a problem with their server, if I try to access it, a phishing page gets pushed at my browser. But, that said, while DDLife seems to have quite a few people and it is growing, there isn’t a lot of easy room for interaction. The commenting is all done at the bottom of the group page.

    If I can figure out a way to block the phishing page, I would love to go back. Everyone was nice and friendly.

  2. Princess says:

    Thank you for your comments about our website.

    The issues we had with the server is now fixed and is no longer a problem. We have now also added a chat room and there are plenty of ways of interacting with other members. We have a main feed where people can interact, forums, blogs, instant messaging, video chat and you can message other members directly. We have improved the website greatly since it started in October last year and we have now reached almost 700 members. We are keeping the website FREE until we reach 1000 members,

    We look forward to seeing you all there!

    Princess (DDLife website owner)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would like more info on this site, fo u many members in the new England area of US. Ronciamn@yahoo.com

  4. Hayes Graham says:

    I want spanking in all forms.

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