A forbidden love forged by fyre…PLAYING WITH FYRE just released! #amreading #scifiromance

Playing with Fyre (Alien Dragon Shifters 3) has been released and is now available on Amazon, BN, Kobo, Apple, and GooglePlay.

A forbidden love forged by fyre…

Former Secret Service agent Henry Winslow comes to planet Draco to help a friend. He intends to return to Earth, but something about the mysterious woman in bridal white grabs him and won’t let him go. It’s a crazy, futile infatuation. She’s an alien dragoness, a priestess, and possibly literally divine. To pursue her would be playing with fyre…

After a devastating loss, dragon-shifter O’ne seeks vengeance at the temple of the Eternal Fyre. Unexpectedly, she is exalted to priestess and bonded to the sacred flame, transforming her life to one of duty and devotion. Then Henry arrives, and the mostly human man awakens her secret yearnings. To have anything to do with him would be playing with fyre…

Surrendering to temptation and passion, Henry and O’ne are about to discover when they play with fyre they might get burned.

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2 Responses to A forbidden love forged by fyre…PLAYING WITH FYRE just released! #amreading #scifiromance

  1. Anonymous says:

    Although I like this series and several of your books from your other series it would be great to see more diversity in the human characters. As I’m reading its like ok hello there other races and cultures on planet Earth.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Have you read my Alien Mates series? Take a look at the guy on the cover of Alien Mate. Also Andrea, a recurring character in the series is a person of color.

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