A spanking good time writing a DD series…

Although I have enjoyed reading other authors’ series books, I never thought I’d want to write a series of my own.

Part of what I enjoy about writing is the exploration and discovery that occurs during the process. My stories are character-driven as opposed to plot-driven. I’m intrigued by what makes people tick, what their motivations are, how people interact when one type of person meets another type of person.

When I outline, I jot down only enough info to ensure my story has a beginning, a middle and end. I like finding out about my characters as I write the story. Some authors fill out character sheets to learn everything they can about their characters before they begin. I don’t do that. Frankly, I don’t WANT to know all the details before I start writing.

For that reason, I didn’t think I would like to create a series. Once I had the characters created in book one, I’d get bored with the same characters in book two, three…and god-forbid, book four. I want to meet new people.

As they say, never say never.

I’m now working on a series of erotic domestic discipline novellas.

Book One, Spanking Melania, is sitting on my editor’s desk (or to be more accurate, sitting in her iPad) as I await delivery of the contract via snail mail. Here’s a brief blurb of the plot:

Having been reared in a traditional family in which her father was the undisputed head of household, Melania Traynor eagerly vows to follow and obey her new husband. She’s thrilled to marry Jared Traynor, man who will love, protect and guide her with a firm hand.

She has no idea how firm.

For Jared belongs to the Rod and Cane Society, an organization of men and their wives who are devoted practitioners of domestic discipline.

When Melania disobeys a “request” from her husband and attempts to hide her disobedience, Jared doesn’t hesitate to deliver the spanking he feels is warranted.

Although Melania consents, she realizes that she got more than she bargained for and doubts she can submit to a lifetime of domestic discipline.

Jared doubts he can accept anything less.

What’s significant in the blurb, is the Rod and Cane Society, because that’s the hook upon which future books will be hung. I’m currently writing Book Two, Disciplining Emma and the untitled Book Three exists as some scribbled notes in a folder.

All the stories focus around the characters in the Rod and Cane Society, an established, but somewhat secretive good old boy’s club, where membership can only be conveyed by birth or invitation with sponsorship of existing members. Women can only belong to the organization as nonvoting members of the Wives Auxiliary.

Emma, the heroine in Book Two, had made an appearance in Spanking Melania.

What made me want to write a series was first, I loved Spanking Melania so much, I couldn’t bear to let it go. I had the same feeling writing the last line of story that readers get reading the last line of a book they love. “Oh no…it’s the end!”

Second, I could see the potential as I wrote it, a way of continuing the story in future books without using the same characters over and over.

Spanking in the series is both disciplinary and erotic. Initially, Spanking Melania was going to focus strictly on disciplinary spankings…but my characters found it erotic. What’s an author to do?

I’m discovering the inherent challenge inherent in writing a series–how much to  “seed” an existing work. I have to include enough information to lead into the next story, but if I include too much, I lock myself in, limit what I can do, and potentially create future plot dilemmas.

I’m having great fun with the series…and but if you’ll excuse me now, Emma is about to get spanked…

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