A visit into Kayelle Allen’s ‘homeworld’ office #AuthorsInSpace #SFR

By Kayelle Allen

Since 2004, I have used the phrase “homeworld” instead of website for kayelleallen.com. But honestly, the room shown in these pictures is my true homeworld. I swear I live here. Sometimes nod off here. Have eaten meals here. I listen to music and even watch movies here.

As you can see, I’m partial to bright pink. It’s on my website, my Smartphone, my water bottle, my shoes, you name it! Black and pink and white are my favorite color combinations. However, my hero, Pietas from the Bringer of Chaos series is partial to teal. I have started picking up all sorts of things with that color.

My homeworld is my office and sanctuary. It’s filled with things I love and the things I need most. In the first image, you can see the desk that’s actually behind me as I write. It has a credenza that houses two ceramic dragons (Pietas and Dessy), a dragon knife, and though you can’t read it in this image, between them sits my EPIC eBook Award for best Science Fiction Romance (erotic) in 2010 for the book Surrender Love. Though the book is not currently in print, it will be when I finish its sequel, Surrender Trust.

That’s Pietas on the twin monitors on my writing desk. The model is Nik Nitsvetov (follow Nik on Instagram). This is exactly how Pietas looks in my head. Pure platinum white hair, brilliant turquoise eyes, strong mouth, dimple in the chin, beautiful. Finding a model who so closely resembles him was amazing.

Now that I’ve used two monitors, I don’t know how I got anything done with only one. I put spreadsheets on one while I look up info on the other, or I have reference open on one and write on the other. It’s handy to have my Skype window open on the left one while I work in the other.

Behind the monitors, you can see a bit of a poster lit up. That’s the original cover for Surrender Love. Though you probably can’t see them, there are also posters of King Thranduil from the Hobbit movies (Lee Pace) — who would make a fine Pietas, by the way — and one of my favorite actors, Luke Goss in the other poster. He played Prince Nuada in the Hellboy II: the Golden Army movie. When I saw him as Nuada, my heart flipped. Long white hair, regal bearing, power and nobility — exactly the way I pictured Pietas. I count myself lucky to have such wonderful images to use as inspiration for this character.

I’m writing the Bringer of Chaos series as fast as I can. I have always had a great love for Pietas, although for many years, he scared me. He was the villain in several stories I wrote. Still, he drew me. I couldn’t explain why. When I decided to write his story to know him better, I discovered a startling truth. Pietas was not a bad guy. He portrayed the role in order to control another part of his story. He is, in fact, noble. But I won’t spoil the fun of reading his books and finding out about this immortal king for yourself.

Author bio

Kayelle Allen writes Sci Fi with misbehaving robots, mythic heroes, role playing immortal gamers, and warriors who purr. She’s a US Navy veteran who’s been married so long she’s tenured.
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Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire

When the immortal Pietas is marooned on a barren world with no food and few survival tools, he knows it could be worse. He could be alone. But that’s the problem. He’s not. Half a million of his people sleep in cryostasis, trapped in their pods and it’s up to Pietas to save them. But before he can, he must take back command from a ruthless enemy he’s fought for centuries. His brutal, merciless father. Immortals may heal, but a wound of the heart lasts forever…

Amazon and in print. Free on Kindle Unlimited
Review this book on #NetGalley https://www.netgalley.com/catalog/book/127569
Genre science fiction with romantic elements (no explicit content or profanity)
Rating PG13 for science fiction violence
Length about 74,000 words / 300 pages

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8 Responses to A visit into Kayelle Allen’s ‘homeworld’ office #AuthorsInSpace #SFR

  1. Choosing what to share was fun, Cara. And I love showing off my desktop with my gorgeous hero, Pietas. Thanks for letting me come over!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thanks for showing off your office.

      • I enjoyed it! I took a few more and chose the best ones. Behind the monitor is a sheet of paper on the wall. It’s from the ritual Pietas performs. Several of his followers use it as their focus. I read it every day. It says:
        —No fear touches me .
        No pain defeats me.
        My will is absolute.
        I focus on my strengths.
        I face every foe.
        I vanquish every enemy.
        I overcome.
        I am bigger than any fear.
        I am unbeatable.
        I am unstoppable.

  2. Lisa Lowe says:

    I love Kayelle’s office. I have visited her many times and she has made the space her own. You can’t see it. She has a bookcase full of books. Is good to know she has books from authors that have mentored her. She is a wonderful lady!
    I read Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire and Pietas fans will love it!

  3. I sure hope you can tell me you spent hours straightening it up before you took that picture. Otherwise I’m going to slink off in shame.

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