Alien Castaways crash on Earth….and meet their human mates

Chameleon, Wingman, and Psy…Season 1 of the Alien Castaways

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When you wish upon a falling star, er, UFO…

Young widow Kevanne Girardi catches sight of a meteorite streaking across the sky and wishes for a good handyman to help make her rundown lavender farm a big success. Instead, she gets a shapeshifting alien who apparently has never seen a leaky faucet before. But his loving and noble spirit make him just the man to fix her wounded heart. He hasn’t promised her forever, but a girl can hope, can’t she? Maybe she’ll make another wish…

When his ship tumbles out of the sky and lands on Earth, Chameleon never expects to fall for a human woman. Unfortunately, he can’t stay. He made a mistake that led to the devastation of an entire planet, and now the survivors are depending on him to get them to safety. He must repair his ship and leave before the Xeno Consortium finds him and Earth becomes endangered, too. But oh, he wishes he could stay with Kevanne forever…

Can a twist of fate make their wishes come true?


He has wings, but this alien is no angel…

Traumatized by the deaths of his family and the destruction of his planet, Wingman lands on Earth in search of a haven and the solitude to nurse his emotional wounds. When a chance decision foils a kidnapping, he’s drawn into the life of a young widow and her daughter. He’s shocked to discover the human woman is his genmate, the one he’s genetically bonded to.

To escape a stalker, Delia and her imaginative, impressionable daughter flee to a small town where nobody can find them. She’s concerned, but not overly so, when her daughter says she’s invited an angel to her birthday party.

Until the winged alien actually shows up. After a rocky start, Delia begins to see Wingman for what he really is—one of the kindest, most protective, sexiest men she’s ever met.

But just as passion deepens their bond, dangers resurface to threaten Delia and her child. Will Wingman be able to confront the demons of his past to make the sacrifice necessary to protect them?


She’s locked in a prison of silence. Can a mind-reading alien free her?

Cassie Steward has not spoken a word. Ever. A congenital birth defect robbed her of the ability to speak. Craving independence from her overprotective, well-meaning mother, she gets a job at the antique store in their small town. Yet, the fact remains she’ll always need to write notes to communicate. Then she meets Psy, an alien with telepathic abilities. From the moment his mind touches hers, the universe seems within her grasp, and she envisions fulfilling all her dreams with Psy at her side.

Soon after encountering the beautiful, shy Cassie, Psy realizes she’s his genmate. It doesn’t matter she can’t talk—he loves her as she is. But as their telepathic connection deepens, he begins to suspect her inability to speak is more than a congenital happenstance. Something far more sinister appears to be keeping her a virtual prisoner. He’s certain his psychic powers can unlock the secrets in Cassie’s mind.

But will revealing the truth liberate her…or destroy their bond?


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3 Responses to Alien Castaways crash on Earth….and meet their human mates

  1. Carol says:

    I really enjoy reading your books. I laughed, I got angry, and I cried. That tells me your are truly an excellent writer/author. Can’t wait to read more of your books,,


  2. Amanda Bhear says:

    I would like to buy your intergalactic dating series but all I can find is ebook & nook. Do they come in paperback anywhere? The reason I am asking is, I am epileptic & am unable to use computerized versions. They can trigger seizers so I can’t use them, but I would really love to read your books, if I could find them.
    Thank you,
    Amanda Bhear

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