Alien “fairy” meets cyborg in Captured by the Cyborg…

As part of my 10th “Authorversary” celebration, throughout the year, I’ll be sharing some insights into the books I’ve written. 

The seeds of inspiration of Captured by the Cyborg (Book 3) of the Cy-Ops series were sewn with book two, Mated by the Cyborg. In Mated, hero Kai Andros and Mariska are on run from Lamis-Odg (the terrorist bad guys) and Cyber Operations. They hide out on Deceptio (meaning Deception), a seemingly desolate, uninhabited moon. But the beneath the surface is a spacecraft “chop shop” owned and operated by Dale Homme, a cyborg and ex-Cy-Ops agent. The manufacturing plant is secret, because although Dale has some legit business, not all of it is on the up and up.

I fell in love with Dale and his clandestine operation, and I knew I had to write about him, so he became the hero of Captured by the Cyborg, and his chop shop the setting for the book. The first two Cy-Ops heroines are human, but in Captured, I feature my first alien heroine. Illumina (her name means light) is a Faria. If that looks like “fairy,” well, it’s supposed to. She belongs to a race of winged aliens, each of whom has a special gift. Illumina’s is the ability to integrate into any computer system. (The heroine in Rescued by the Cyborg is also a Faria; she has a different special gift).

Illumina is hiding from a violent ex-husband who cut off her wings and left her for dead. She creates a false identity and gets a job at Dale’s chop shop. He’s not fooled; he knows right off she’s not who/what she claims to be.

At one point, Dale threatens to lock up Illuminia to keep her safe. That’s where the title, Captured by the Cyborg comes from.

Another big thing happens: In Captured, Cyber Operations Director Carter Aymes becomes a cyborg! He’s a secondary character in every book. Prior to this, he was just an “ordinary” human. He gets his own book in Hunted by the Cyborg.

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