Alien Mate, Breeder, Terran & cyborgs now on Google Play! #Android #Googleplaystore #ScifiRom

My three science fiction romance series books are now available on Google Play for Android users to download and read on their phones! Recently I was able to open an account with Google Play and begin loading my books to the site.

Currently, Alien Mate, Breeder, Terran (on preorder for a July 10 release) and the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance cyborg series are all available for purchase on Google Play. I’ll be adding my other books soon.

Alien Mate


Terran (preorder available)

Stranded with the Cyborg (free)

Mated with the Cyborg

Captured by the Cyborg

Trapped with Cyborg

Claimed by the Cyborg


(All these titles are also available on iBooks for iPhone users, in addition to Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.)

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