An alien meets his mate–but there’s one little problem…an excerpt from Alien Intention

The Earth women have arrived, and the Dakonian men are getting ready to choose their mates. Romando spots his right away…

A female entered the lodge.

“Obah! Obah!” I cheered with the rest. Another entered. And another. We celebrated each arrival, their presence representing a brighter future for our planet. It didn’t matter what female I got. Any one would suit my needs.

Then she entered, and the hand of Fate shot out to punch me in the chest. Heat suffused me from head to toe as a primal need coursed through my blood. My horns began to swell and throb, and my loins tightened.

She was so lovely. Tall compared to the others of her race, but delicate and tiny by our standards. I wanted to scoop her up, cosset and protect her from the harshness of our life and climate. Despite her fragility, she had full, ample curves even her ugly, bulky Terran attire couldn’t disguise. My horns and loins ached.

Now I understood why I’d lost my chit; the Fates had meant for me to wait for her.

Mine. She is mine. A growl, unbidden and unexpected, erupted from my throat. Several men glanced in my direction, and I coughed into my hand. I’d never reacted this way to a female before; of course, Dakon had so few, my contact was infrequent at best.

She glanced around as if searching for someone. Did she sense me? Was she looking for me?

Here! I’m here! I pushed off from the wall, ready to introduce myself, to ask her that all-important question and claim her.

And then reality hit me—I didn’t get to choose. Ninety-nine men would have to pass her over for me to claim her. Panic beat a frantic rhythm in my chest.

More females charged into the lodge, but I had eyes only for her. I’m over here. I willed her to look at me, but she glanced downward, and then I noticed the wide-eyed kit clutching her hand. He strongly resembled her. She had a son! Small now, he would grow tall, strong, and stout. I didn’t just have a mate—I had a family. The Fates had indeed blessed me.

But, what if someone else claimed her before the end? Who could resist a female of such loveliness who came with a child?

A piercing screech sliced through me like a dagger. “Stormee!” screamed Sunny, Darq’s loud-mouthed termagant.

“Sunnee!!” my mate squealed.

Oh Fates, no.

They threw themselves at each other, jumping and hugging. Now I could see a resemblance in their features. My female was the termagant’s…sister?

The Fates couldn’t be that cruel.

Alien Intention (Alien Mate 3) story blurb

Our attraction unleashes a perfect storm…
I’m Stormy Weathers. My love life on Earth is one natural disaster after the other. I’m attracted to bad boys, rebels, commitment-phobes. In a crowd of choirboys, I’ll manage to find the jerk. All I want is a man who’ll love me and my young son, so I’m going to an icy planet to become an alien’s mail-order bride. This time will be different! The chemistry I feel with Romando is electric. It doesn’t matter what my sister or her mate or their tribe says, mutual attraction this strong can’t be wrong, so I’ll do anything to get him…

I’m Romando, an outcast in my own tribe. One rash, angry act turned me into a pariah and almost got me banished. But what everyone resents the most is that I’m one of the lucky few who’ll be getting a mate. The instant Stormy Weathers blows into Dakon with the other Earth females, my horns tingle. She is meant for me, but I resist the instinct to claim her. You see, she’s related to my nemesis responsible for my outcast state. Honor and pride dictate that I reject her as a suitable mate before she undermines my good intentions. If only I could get her out of my mind…

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