An interview with a vampire of Loose Morals by Darling Adams

loosemoralssmallBy Author Darling Adams

Hi Cara, thank you for having me today. I brought someone special today. This is Charlie, he is the hero of Loose Morals. I thought maybe I could get him to talk about his story instead of me.  I’m just going to prompt him a bit with a few questions…

Charlie: Shoot, Darling.

Darling Adams: Why do you suppose I titled book Loose Morals?

Charlie:  Is that a polite way of asking if I’m the one with loose morals? Isn’t it obvious? I’m the vampire in the book. We’re not known for walking the straight and narrow.  Did you ever see Pirates of the Caribbean, where Elizabeth and Will Turner are shocked by Captain Jack Sparrow and he offers by way of explanation, “Pirate”?  It’s the same for vampires. Don’t expect too much from us and you won’t be disappointed.

Darling Adams: Yes, I’ve gathered that. But do have some morals, right? You tell Sasha, the heroine of Loose Morals, you can be a real dick when you’re threatening her, but do you ever truly harm or frighten her?

 Charlie: No. It’s all a game to me. I love to see her get riled up and I love to make her nervous, but I consider that foreplay. I need something from her and I enjoy tormenting her until I get it.

Darling Adam: And what about sex?

Charlie: The attraction between us is electric. I want Sasha the moment I first lay eyes on her and even though I keep her on the edge of fear, I can tell she wants me too. It’s only a matter of time before she gives in.

Darling Adams Are you worried when Sasha learns to use her power, you will no longer be “at the top of the food chain” as you put it?

Charlie:  I’m in a tricky position. I’m using my dominance to force Sasha to lift the curse on me, and yet if she becomes strong enough to do so, she will presumably also be strong enough to refuse to help me. I can only hope I’ve won her over with my sexual prowess by then.

Darling Adams: Oh please [eye roll].  You are too full of yourself.

Charlie: [shrugs] Vampire.

Darling Adams: Will you share a little from the book?

Charlie: Sure. How about the passage where I tell Sasha I can be a real dick?

An excerpt from Loose Morals

To give her a taste of vampire strength, he lifted her entire body from his knees and spun her in the air to place her on her feet. He pulled her shirt off over her head.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Every time you sass me you will lose an article of clothing. You may earn it back by showing your subservience to me.”

“Are you fucking kidding—wait,” she cried as he reached for her shorts. “I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry, your royal highness.”

He pursed his lips. “I think I’m going to go with sassy on that one,” he said, grabbing her pink bra in between her breasts, and yanking her forward. He sliced the fabric in two with his fangs and let it fall to the floor.

Her hands flew to cover her breasts, her face a mask of rage. Underneath the anger, she appeared shaken, and this time she seemed to consider her words before she spoke. “You owe me a new bra,” she said sullenly.

He lifted an eyebrow. “You may never get to wear a bra again at the rate you’re going.”

She glowered.

He made a show of letting his eyes travel to the two pert breasts protruding from behind her hands.

Her face flushed a pretty pink. “What do I have to do to earn it back?”

“Kneel,” he ordered.

“What?” she asked indignantly, even as her eyes pleaded for mercy.

“You heard me. On your knees at my feet.”

“What for?” she asked warily, her eyes traveling to his crotch.

He hadn’t intended anything like that, but his cock thickened in response to the idea.

“I could just go put another bra on,” she tested.

“And I could just glamour you to walk down Congress Street topless.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Try me, witchling. I can be a real dick.”

She stood there, the muscles in her jaw clenching and releasing for a long moment. Finally, she huffed and lowered to her knees.

His face split into a wide smile. He took her shoulders and eased her back to sit on her heels instead of standing upright on her knees. “Thank you for your obedience, Sasha. Remove your hands.”

Her eyes shot to his, her mouth opening, forming a protest, which she seemed to think better of. She threw down her hands all at once, lifting her chin and her sternum as if to inform him she had nothing to hide.

Indeed, she had not. Her breasts were perfection, the size of apples, the rosy nipples ripe for sucking. He reached out and cupped one, running his thumb over the pebbled tip.

She flinched but did not move, color flushing her cheeks and neck, her breath short.

“I thought—” She stopped and cleared her throat when her voice cracked. “I thought you weren’t demanding this sort of thing,” she reminded him.

He dropped his hand with an effort at self-control. “I’m not. But if I must punish you, all bets are off.”

He smelled her arousal again and inhaled deeply. Reaching a hand between her thighs, he trailed his index finger over the seam at her crotch, causing her to draw a sharp intake of breath. “Will you be good, Sasha?”

“Y-yes,” she said, her voice warbling.

He pinched the outer lips of her sex through her shorts and she whimpered. “Good girl,” he murmured. “You may get dressed.”

He released her and tossed her the shirt, standing up and walking away as if he didn’t have the bluest balls on the planet.

Yes, torturing her would be a torture to him too, but the sweetest kind.

 Loose Morals blurb

When Sasha Deschamps unwittingly attracts the attention of a strange man on her late night walk home from work, she winds up with a supernatural guest she can’t get rid of. The dominant immortal demands her complete submission and cooperation, refusing to free her until she has performed an act of magic, one which she does not know how to even begin.

Charlie sees the power in Sasha and believes she has the ability to undo the curse placed on him by a jealous lover over one hundred years before. He also loves toying with the feisty witchling, doling out humiliating punishments while arousing a lust in her that leaves them both hungry for satisfaction.

Emotionally detached to the point of amorality, his motto has been “friendly with many, close to none”, but he finds himself falling for Sasha, believing he might be able to trust a woman again. When he discovers she is actually the reincarnated witch who cursed him, though, his world turns on end. Can he accept she has returned to his life to heal the rift between them? Or will he walk away from her again, as he did so many years ago?

Publishers Note: This book contains elements of BDSM including anal punishment, figging, spanking, bondage and erotic sex scenes.

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Darling Adams is a naughty author who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. She also writes spanking romance under the name Renee Rose.

Her blog can be found at

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