An interview with spanking fiction author Adaline Raine…

Today’s special guest is spanking fiction author Adaline Raine whose latest release is Becoming a Lady (I like the possibilities of that title). Please give her a warm spanky welcome…

Cara Bristol: Of all the genres you could have written, you chose spanking, why?

Adaline Raine: I have been writing stories for a while but I always took out the spankings that used to sneak their way in. After I started my blog this past May which initially started out as just an interest in domestic discipline I stumbled upon Renee Rose’s blog. Well! I could not believe that there was actually other people who liked to read let alone write about women getting pulled over someone else’s knee or bent over a desk that was not, ahem, not sure if I can say this but like a pornographic novel. I was absolutely thrilled to find this out and Renee pushed me to write the spanks back in and share!

Cara Bristol: Spanking is a hot topic that pushes people’s buttons. They either like it or they don’t. What do you think makes it hot, both positive and negative?

Adaline Raine: I think that when you are reading a book you have a tendency to put yourself in the character’s shoes that you most identify with. For me personally, I am every heroine and I like to imagine myself being in that situation and getting disciplined even if she is hesitant which makes it hot just for the mental image. On the other hand there are some readers out there that consider spanking a taboo and though they may leave a negative review, I think secretly they were intrigued by the thought of something ‘naughty’. All of the books I have seen have very clear warnings so I have to lean this way.

Cara Bristol: What’s your preference in fiction…domestic discipline or erotic spanking? Why?

Adaline Raine: Oh, that is a tough one. If I had to pick one I would say both! Seriously though, I guess domestic discipline. Anyone can get a few love taps on their bottom but DD has love and emotion behind the physical punishments.

Cara Bristol: Do you see a difference between spanking fiction and BDSM? What is it?

Adaline Raine: There is a HUGE difference and I am so glad that you brought this up. Spanking fiction for the most part is someone using physical discipline to curb a behavior or an attitude and usually comes from a place of love or guidance. BDSM may have a character being tied up and spanked but it is either for the pleasure of the dominant character or to push the submissive to reach a certain level. For the record I appreciate and will read both types.

Cara Bristol: Did you read spanking fiction before you started writing it?

Adaline Raine: This is an odd way to answer but sort of. About eight years ago I wrote a fan fiction that involved a wrestling student getting sent to a famous wrestler for discipline and he easily pulled the young woman over his lap, spanked her, and then had sex with her. I sent it into a website but published it anonymously. After I did that I used to spend hours googling for other stories that contained spankings but they usually had no plot and were all about sex. So, I guess that answer is I tried to!

Cara Bristol: Tell us about your current release?

Adaline: Sure, it is the story about Anna who was taken advantage of one night as a child when a group of invading men stormed her village. Her parents have disowned their “ruined” daughter and treat her worse than an animal.

When Anna is drugged and abducted by Sir William she cannot figure out what he wants from her as she is not of much importance. Her constant sass and severe need for discipline lands her bottoms up over Sir Williams lap more times than she would care to be but his strong desire to teach her how to behave trumps the sting of his hand. Deep down Anna believes that Sir William truly seeks the best of her and she strives to become a proper lady.

Cara Bristol: What else should readers know about your current release?

Adaline Raine: Becoming a Lady has several scenes of non-consensual spankings of an adult woman. She is a very sweet character but has been left on her own and neglected that she does not really know how to act like an adult.

Cara Bristol: Who are you ?

Adaline Raine: I have a full time office job that is never nine to five but should be and was recently promoted to a position that entails more hours than my previous one.

I am also a mother of two elementary school aged children. I have shown my daughter my covers but they are oblivious to who I am in the computer.

I also will read and review anything I can get my hands on. Spanking romance is my favorite genre to read but I can’t think of anything I would down right refuse.

Cara Bristol: How much of yourself do you put into your writing, and how much of it is pure fiction?

Adaline Raine: Every female character that I create has either some part of me in it or some quality that I admire in others. For example, Anna is extremely innocent and has been abused. She is desperate to learn the ways of the world but she needs a good teacher. She finds herself attracted to Sir William even though she does not really understand what a relationship is like. She is very child like in that sense and there are many pieces of myself and my childhood in this particular story. Usually though I will find my female character wearing a charm I wear or speaking the way that I do ‘offline’. It’s not forced so unless someone knew me in real life it would not stick out. Likes and dislikes are usually similar but I can say for certain if I were to be spanked with a harsh implement like a riding crop or cane I would *not* get over it as easy as my characters do!

Cara Bristol: Do you do anything in particular to “get in the mood” to write a spanking or sex scene?

Adaline Raine: Ha! No, I don’t. I usually just think about the sexy things that I like and try to incorporate them into a scene. I have not written any erotic spankings yet, so maybe that will change!

Cara Bristol: Who was the first person you told that you were writing spanking fiction? What was his/her reaction?

Adaline Raine: I brought it up to my husband and he just shrugged and said, “Cool. You’re a good writer, just have fun with it.” He is super supportive of everything and anything I write as long as I’m having fun.

Cara Bristol: In general, what inspires your writing?

Adaline Raine: The more that I read the more ideas that I get. It does not have to be other spanking fiction authors to inspire but I find when I’m reading a lot the ideas just come flying! I’m a little odd though; I usually dream up an idea and then play it out over and over like a movie until I can sit to type it out. So I believe that the best writers are avid readers! It keeps your mind busy.

Cara Bristol: Quick five…

If you were stranded on a desert island what one luxury item would you wish you had? I’m so boring probably a hot tub.

Without looking, reach into your purse and pull out three items. What do you have? A pen, a shimmery lip gloss, and a heart shaped plastic ring from my daughter. Ha ha ha!

If you weren’t a writer, you would be… a doctor. I actually went to college for the pre-med curriculum but then decided not to pursue it. I was told by my English teacher there that I was the most creative and talented writer that she had seen. It was an incredible compliment.

What’s your favorite article of clothing? My comfy pj pants. They are fuzzy and black and have pink and white clouds all over them!

What are you reading right now? Desire in Any Language by Anastasia Vitsky. I am so far behind on my ‘to be read’ list!

An excerpt from Becoming a Lady

Anna opened her eyes.  Her arms had been untied from the tree at some point, and were at her sides.  She could smell something cooking, and realized that the man had captured a small creature that was roasting on the open fire.  She sat up slowly and pulled the blanket around her body.  “Are we that far from the next village?”

The man handed her some meat.   “Perhaps we are.”

Anna accepted it.  She did not like the taste of whatever rodent it happened to be, but she ate it, nonetheless.  “Or do you just like to make a fresh kill in the morning?”

”I will not tolerate your endless questions today.”   He stood up and quenched the fire.   “Attend to yourself, and get back here.  We have a much ground to cover.”

Anna nodded, and noticed that the rope was loosely knotted around her waist.  She could only go so far.  So he did not trust her then anymore than she, him.  She did what he allowed her to do, and came back.   “Can you remove the rope now?”

He undid the rope and added it to his bag.  “Let us be on our way.”

She allowed him to lift her onto the horse, and said nothing.  He got on behind her and she made no effort to move away from him.  She welcomed the heat from his body, and pondered what he thought of her being so close to him.  Could he find her as intriguing as she did him?   Yesterday it had bothered her to have him so close, and yet today she could not help but feel protected.

They rode in silence for what felt like hours, until they finally approached a village.  He tied the horse up and they walked into the inn.

“You’ve been on quite a trip, Sir,” the woman nodded.

The man nodded back to the woman behind the bar.  “It will be completed by tomorrow.”

The woman nodded back and handed him a drink.  “Do you want something for the girl?”

Anna frowned.  How could this woman talk about her as though she weren’t there?

“I need a meal for her.  I also need a room for the night.”   He looked over at Anna and back.  “Someone to attend to her would be useful.”

The woman nodded and glanced over at her.  “I will send my daughter, Eva, in the morning.”

“You have my appreciation.”   He set the mug down, and looked back towards the main room.  “I have business.  Stay here until I come back.”

Anna sat down at the nearest table and watched him go.  She looked up and saw each time that the woman was staring at her.  She wondered what could be that entertaining about her.  She thanked her for the food that was set down and began to eat.  She wished above all that she knew this man’s plan.  If he truly had a purpose for her, was it pure or vile?

She finished her plate and picked up the mug.  She said, as he stopped and looked down at her, “Do you have a plan?”

“My plans are not any of your concern.”   He glanced towards the stairs.  “Let us retire.”

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  2. And I had fun reading! Excellent interview. Book looks fantastic.

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    Really interesting interview! It’s nice to know more about you, Adaline. And I loved the excerpt – it’s terrifically atmospheric.

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    A full time job, 2 kids, a husband and writing. Do you sleep? 🙂 Nice to know more about you!

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    Great interview Addy. Great luck with your book!

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