And the winners are (drum roll)….Erica and Tiffany!

The winners of my first ever Valentine’s Contest are Erica and Tiffany, who tied for first place in answering the question, “What was the most romantic thing your sweetie has done for you…or that you’ve done for him or her.” They’ve both won an e-book  copy of Spanked!, the erotic romance anthology that contains my two erotic romance novellas, Intimate Submission and Secret Desires.

These are their winning entries:

“Peach Roses” by Erica

My boyfriend has made many romantic gestures over our 14+ years, but I’ll never forget our first Valentine’s Day.First, he sent me a dozen roses. Not red, but our signature color, peach. (He says that color reminds him of my skin.) Then when I came over to his place, he had a box of Godiva chocolates for me, took me to a lovely dinner and gave me a poem he’d written. I was already over the moon with all this and thanked him profusely.

The next day, I was looking for the chocolates and asked him where he’d put them. “Oh, they’re in the fridge,” he called from the other room. I went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and saw the candy box on the top shelf — with a jewelry box on top of it. A note was taped to it: “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie.” It was a stunning gold bracelet, the first piece of jewelry he ever gave me. As the years will attest, he was and is a keeper.

“Spanking and Dinner” by  Tiffany

My nymphomaniac friend and I were chatting in a coffee shop and she said, “Last night my boyfriend brought home the most beautiful long stem flowers I’ve ever seen!” “And I can tell you, I was on my back with my legs spread the whole night!” “I looked at her rather perplexed and finally offered, “Couldn’t you find a vase?”

 But seriously folks, my Sir be can be the consummate romantic. I was a little late getting home one day, which generally is not such a big deal. Sir wasted no time in relieving me of my skirt, shoes and panties. A surprisingly brisk hand spanking ensued leaving me apologetic and discombobulated.

 Long before regaining my composure, he whisked me into my room and helped me wiggle into a little black and red dress and then out the door to his waiting car. Still in character and not saying a word, he peeled out of the driveway racing towards his destination with a determined fervor. While my bottom still stung like a sat on a beehive, my mind was floating and marinating in a post-spanking endorphin ambrosia. My bliss was short lived, however, once we pulled up to the valet in front of a fancy restaurant.

Without missing a beat, I was firmly escorted into the lavish dining room and seated at a table close to the impressively big bandstand. Sir winked at me wickedly as I gingerly lowered myself into my chair, unable to suppress both a wince and a mew once my still smoldering flesh pressed against the barely yielding fabric. I felt like everyone was watching me. I knew I was blushing ferociously but I just couldn’t help it. Then the band came out with the whole kitchen staff and started in with a loud jazzy chorus of “Happy Birthday!”

This whole event was a huge set-up for me! Including my freshly spanked bottom. After “happy birthday” the band played one of my favorite songs, (the one in my videos), and Sir asked me to dance. Having only just dreamed about spanking my whole life and now to be sporting a well spanked bottom and dancing to my favorite song with the man I love on my birthday was one of the greatest moments in my life! I felt giddy from overwhelming shyness and immeasurable gratitude. I literally had a spot light on me! I’ve never felt so cared for and understood in all my life. Sir is my champion!

A big Thank You to everyone who entered, and to my judges, Pink of The Pink Report, Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts and erotic romance authors Shoshanna Evers, Starla Kaye and Francesca Hawley.

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