Audio book of Stranded with the Cyborg #SFR #ScifiRom coming soon!


On Monday, I finished production of my first audio book, an erotic sci-fi romance, Stranded with the Cyborg. Once review by ACX is complete, Stranded will be available for download on Audible, iTunes and Amazon. It’s currently available in ebook version on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance.

Branching out into audio books was a goals for 2015, but it had taken a backburner to other projects until author Natasha Knight gave me a couple of nudges. (Thanks, Natasha!).

I opened an account on ACX, issued a call for auditions for a narrator/producer on Dec. 3, contracted with a narrator on Dec. 5, and finished “proofing” his audio recording on Dec. 14. So the whole work process took less than 10 days. ACX sent very helpful, clear email instructions on what to do next, each step of the way.

Logan McAllister narrated and did a wonderful job on the different voices. I have humans/cyborgs, androids, aliens, and talking computers in the book and he did an excellent job differentiating the characters.

Listening to the audio gave me hints of what it must be like to see one’s novel become a movie and watch it on the screen. It was such a thrill to hear it read by an professional narrator who really made the characters come alive (Although listening to the sex scenes, was, for me, very uncomfortable. I can write it, I can read it, but listening to it? Uh….)

The ebook/written version of Stranded with the Cyborg is 37K words, approximately 122 pages. That worked out to 3 hours and 20 minutes on audio.

Book 2 of the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series, Mated with the Cyborg, will be released in ebook Jan. 5, 2016. I plan to make an audio book of that one very soon, also.

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