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By Pauline B. Jones

A long time ago, in a writer’s life far, far away…

It actually was a long time ago and somewhat far away, that I got an Idea for a story, and being me, I wrote it, even though it didn’t fit with anything else I’d written. It was an action adventure romance that just happened to take place in outer space.

The words science fiction romance and space opera never occurred to me. I didn’t write science. I had barely passed it in high school. (Probably because I was writing science fiction then, too.) So I wrote this not-science fiction romance book and sent it my then-editor with much trepidation.

She loved it and pointed out that it was a Big Ass Book (hence forth called the BAB) but she couldn’t see how to make it shorter. So a BAB it was and a BAB it remained. In time, they released it into the wider world and reviewers started calling it space opera and science fiction romance.

This was, honestly, my first clue I’d changed genres.

Once I’d picked myself up off the floor, I realized I loved making up science and loved writing space adventures. Readers liked the book, too, and begged for more stories in the series. So one book turned into five (two more books turning into BABs), and a small short story collection.

I’m particularly excited because this year I’ll be adding more adventures to the Project Enterprise series. A new ship, new characters and brand new adventures. (There is also a connected series called Uneasy Future, set in future New Orleans. You can find out more on my website.)

If you haven’t read the series, now would be a good time to catch up!

The Key blurb

The key will unlock more than an unknown civilization; it will define who one woman will become….

Sara Donovan, an elite member of Project Enterprise, signs up for a mission that will take her far beyond the safety of her galaxy and into one torn apart by warfare. Shot down, she finds herself on an inhospitable planet with an alien resistance fighter who has a few secrets of his own.

Kiernan Fyn is a member of a resistance group called the Ojemba. Kiernan has enough of his own troubles without adding a mysterious alien female searching for answers to the list. He is given little choice when Sara is targeted by three separate forces believing she has the key to a long lost civilization – a key they are determined to possess.

Together, Sara and Kiernan must avoid capture, and deal with their growing attraction for each other, while they search for a mysterious, hidden city on a planet that brings Sara closer to understanding her baffling abilities and her mother’s past.

Don’t miss out on the excitement in this Independent Book Bronze Medal and Dream Realm Awards Winner! Join Sara and Kieran today as they discover where the key is hidden and stop those that would use the secrets left behind by a lost civilization for their own agenda.

Book Excerpt

“Captain?” Xever’s brows arched in surprise. “You are a soldier?”

“I’m a fighter puke—a pilot, sir.”

Was there a slight edge in her smooth voice?

Xever looked puzzled.

“Our women do not have to serve as soldiers.”

“None of us have to serve. We all volunteered and are proud and happy to defend our country.”

Oh yeah, there was an edge to her voice.

Xever’s smile got a little superior, Fyn thought, and felt Sara’s hand clench slightly in his.

“Why would any woman choose to be a soldier?”

“Some pukes in a movie said it best. I joined to travel, meet new people…and kill them.”

Kilburn and the colonel were, unfortunately, taking drinks right then and both choked it back into their glasses. Theirs weren’t the only choking sounds either. Fyn bit back a chuckle.

“What did you say?” Xever’s eyes got wide.

Fyn couldn’t see Sara, but he somehow knew her brows had arched.

“You wear the uniform of a soldier, sir. I don’t have to tell you that a soldier’s primary mission is to break things and kill the enemy.”

He nodded. “That is true, though I have never heard it put quite that way.”

“That’s not our—” Kilburn started.

Fyn didn’t see Sara look at him. He just saw the result.

Kilburn’s eyes widened and his jaw worked a couple of times, but no sound came out.

Dang. Fyn hoped he was never dead to Sara.

Halliwell was trying not to smile.

“I understand female pilots are rather rare around here?” Sara lifted her drink, watching him over the top as she took a sip.

“They are unheard of. We treasure and protect our women.”

“So there are no women on your vessel?”

Xever’s eyes widened a bit. “Well, we do have a few for…” he stopped, looking uncomfortable now.

She shifted slightly and Fyn could see the gently inquiring look on her face.

“For…?” She prompted him, a steely note to her voice that said she wasn’t going to let him off the hook.

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Pauline never liked reality, so she writes books. She likes to wander among the genres, rampaging like Godzilla, because she does love peril mixed in her romance. You can find out more about her books (and get a free story for subscribing to her newsletter) at:

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  1. Thanks so much for giving me a chance to talk about a book I loved writing. You rock, Cara!

  2. Diane Burton says:

    Fun remembrance of a great, fun book. Like you, I wasn’t good at science class. Almost burned down the chem lab. Even though science wasn’t my thing, something drew me to writing sci-fi romances.

    Thanks, Cara, for featuring older stories. I’ve been playing catch up reading them.

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