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By Anne Kane

When I first envisioned the Stargazers’ universe, I wanted to create somewhere that being female was a plus. I wanted strong heroines who were the reason things happened, not hapless ninnies waiting to react or be rescued after something bad happened. In the end, I created a group of futuristic witches who could tap into and control the energy of the (fictional) ley lines that connect the planets. The more talented the Stargazer, the better she was at controlling and redirecting that energy.   I cheerfully borrowed bits and pieces of folklore from witches, druids and other earthly connected groups to add plausibility to the Stargazer universe.

In hindsight, I’ve learned that focusing on the heroine ahead of the hero is not a formula for commercial success, however while it was never one of my better selling series, the Stargazers were definitely a favorite for me as an author.

Stargazers blurb

Descended from the witches of old Earth, Stargazers have the ability to control the lines of psychic energy that join the planets and other heavenly bodies. They use their talents to bend the energy to their own use, much the same as the druids of old Earth used to harness the ley lines. They can power space ships, run machinery on far away planets and detect people’s presences from great distances. Highly sought after, both by legitimate sources who want to hire them and by pirates who enslave and sell them, they are constantly on guard.

In this collection, five stargazers defy the odds and find love and adventure as they travel across the galaxy.

Book Excerpt

Tarik watched the young woman pacing the cargo bay of his ship. Tall and willowy, she stalked the width of the cell with angry strides of long, slim legs. A short, fitted tunic did little to hide her shapely figure, and he felt a spark of heat ignite in his gut despite his mistrust of her kind. Wisps of wavy, chestnut hair escaped from the single braid that hung to her waist, and her green eyes sparkled with rage.

He felt the corner of his mouth tilt upward as she aimed a kick at the wall. He’d bet if he could hear what she was muttering, it wouldn’t be very ladylike. Of course, she wasn’t really a lady. Krystal de Mylar was a Stargazer, one of the few who hadn’t yet sold her talents to the Intergalactic Council. Probably holding out for a better deal, he thought cynically.

The lack of military security surrounding her had made her an ideal target when he realized he needed to acquire one of the accursed witches in order to rescue his brother. Tarik’s renegade status made it impossible to post a job proposal with the Stargazers’ Guild, so he’d simply used his resources to plan and execute the perfect kidnapping. Unfortunately, none of his cybernetic enhancements would help him explain to the infuriated redhead why he’d spirited her away from her home without her consent.

The woman stopped pacing and pivoted to face the hovering droid, her eyes narrowed so that the green irises sparkled like gems. She’d obviously realized someone was monitoring her. A flicker of heat ran up his spine as she stood still, legs spread and hands on hips. Her mouth moved, and his attention dropped to her full, luscious lips as they moved slowly in exaggerated speech.

You are going to regret this.

It wasn’t hard to read her lips. Or the threat in her eyes. He sure hoped she didn’t know how to wrap the interplanetary energy lines around his neck.


Author bio

Anne Kane lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with an adorable little mutt named of unknown lineage, a cantankerous Himalayan cat, and too many fish to count. She has two handsome sons and five adorable grandchildren. By day, she’s a respectable bean counter, but after hours her imagination soars and she writes romances that span the galaxy and encompass beings of all sizes, shapes and origins. She first started telling stories as a child and she just can’t seem to stop.

Her hobbies include kayaking, hiking, swimming, skating, playing guitar, singing and of course, reading.

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