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By Mark S.R. Sterling

This book had a comical origin. I was conferring with my beta reader on another book, asking her for title suggestions. Her husband chimed in with, “Zero-G Spot.” This was totally inappropriate for the book we were discussing, but it was a catchy title. Almost immediately, the plot materialized in my brain. The concept of weightless sex has been addressed in SciFi before, but NASA has always said the suggested techniques were untested.

The second woman in space, Svetlana Savitskaya, was rumored to have attempted the feat with her co-cosmonaut, Aleksandr Serebrov, but it was always officially denied.

The only married couple to fly in space is astronauts Mark Lee and Jan Davis. They were secretly married shortly before their mission on Space Shuttle Endeavour. Both have refused to answer questions about the nature of their relationship during the mission.

Rumors circulated about coziness between Elena Kondakova and Valery Polyakov on a mission to the space station Mir after a video showing Valery playfully splashing water on Elena during their time in space.

Anyway, I addressed the issue combined with a sexy alien abduction, and a save-the-world plot. With dogged determination, I wrote the book in less than a week. Earth had been ravaged by the huge blue aliens for several hundred years. Earth’s defenses had been unable to prevent the aliens from abducting women. While the exact reason why the aliens wanted the women remained unknown, rumors of sexual slavery abound.

As the book opens, Leanne has just met her fate. Her attempt to escape an alien raid has landed her in the hands of one of the blue giants, Jax. As his spaceship escapes Earth, she contemplates what his next action might be in the attached excerpt.

Zero-G Spot Description

Weightless—where every action has a reaction.

Leanne had heard many stories of how the aliens humiliate and abuse the young women they capture. And now, after being abducted herself, she helplessly awaits her fate as a slave girl.

Jax had received training about human female anatomy, and had been warned that seeing one naked would significantly disrupt the functioning of the male alien brain. However, nothing prepared him for the erotic Leanne.

In a damaged spacecraft, Jax searches for a solution to save himself and his female captive while Earth’s destiny hangs in the balance.

But all is not hopeless.

Determine to survive, the two isolated space travelers overcome their fears, and find that their journey home leads them to an entirely different state of being.


Leanne had expected the mutant to insist that she indecently expose herself, but he didn’t. Neither did he subject her to a humiliating ‘medical examination’. In the videos, the captive women were strapped nude to examination tables. Their hands were bound over their heads as their breasts were prodded. Their knees were forced up and open, and their ankles were strapped to stirrups.  Defenselessly exposed, they were probed. The virgins were then shaved—down there.  However, this alien did not rip her bikini away. She could, however, clearly see the lust he was containing—in the ‘tent’ that formed in his briefs—as he watched her swim weightless in the air. She imagined that it would not be much longer before he demanded that she service him.

When she finished her business, the blue web strand holding her wrist spontaneously retracted and she was once again pinned to the wall. With this movement, the knot that she had hastily tied behind her back, when the aliens had attacked the swimming pool, spontaneously released. With her left hand bound to the wall, she frantically twisted as she struggled to gather the loose strings with her right hand. Spinning in the zero-g cabin, her reward for this effort was that the bikini top came completely off. In a flash, her breasts were floating free in the weightless spaceship cabin.

She stretched her free arm across her chest to conceal what she could. Sensing his movement, she glanced up to see what the alien’s response would be. She anticipated that the unfortunate accident was to be the trigger that unleashed his passions. His manhood had swollen into a full erection. It pressed through the containing flap of his briefs to reveal its pinkish color and true size.

At least it’s not blue.

Leanne forced herself to relax. She would submissively allow him to do what he wanted.

He’ll want oral first.

She mentally prepared herself to provide fellatio. She would willingly take his long, thick member into her mouth. She reasoned that, if she sucked him submissively, then it would be over faster. And he wouldn’t hurt her or demand more of her. She lowered her arm to reveal herself to him.

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Author bio

Mark S. R. Sterling is a semi-retired industrial safety engineer who left full time employment during the recent surge in unemployment. {Yes, you may read between the lines.} Now, when not actually gainfully employed, he spends his time trading stock market index options, or traveling and visiting his children in the I-95 Corridor along the US Southeast coast.

Mark’s entertainment is the ocean. He enjoys the beach, sailing, fishing, scuba diving and the ever popular barstool warming in waterfront taverns. It is in this last activity where he enjoys his all time favorite pastime of simply meeting people. You see, while Mark’s stories are fictional, the specific incidents and characters are built from somebody’s real life.

So the next time you are in a waterfront tavern and someone engages you in conversation open up and tell something interesting about your life. Then, you will be a character in Mark’s next book.

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