Behind the scenes: what actually happens when you a release book

You want me to do what on release day? Nooooo….

On release day, I dance to a frenetic beat, a la “Maniac” from the movie Flashdance. (See it on You Tube here)

I clear my calendar for the day and tell family I’ll be unavailable for anything. If it’s not bleeding or on fire, it doesn’t get my attention. If I had an evil day job, I would take vacation time on release day.

Before the release, I do everything I can in advance: my newsletter, my blogs, contest giveaways, even emails are written and ready to go, so that about the only thing I need to do is get the buy link out there. The only thing…ha ha ha. As soon as I have buy links, the scramble begins.

This was my task list (in prioritized order) once I had the buy link for the last month’s release of Claimed by the Cyborg:

  1. Update release day newsletter and schedule/send to subscribers
  2. Email buy links to book tour company and release week bloggers (5 people)
  3. Update links on my release day blog, my website book page, my website side bar, my email signature line
  4. Post release announcement on Facebook
  5. Tweet about release
  6. Post release photogram on Instagram
  7. Claim book on Amazon Author Central page
  8. Contact Author Central to have them link Claimed to the rest of the books in the series and link the ebook and paperback versions
  9. Claim book on BookBub Partner’s page
  10. Make book available for review on NetGalley
  11. Change bio URL on Instagram to contest page
  12. Post contest photogram on Instagram
  13. Update buy links on Instagram contest blog
  14. Develop, submit Facebook Ad
  15. Submit Amazon ad
  16. Send buy links to Delighted Reader pickup lines promotion
  17. Update remaining guest blogs with buy links and email them (14)
  18. Finalize guest blogs, update & email for Goddess Fish Book tour (10)
  19. Solicit reviews from sites requiring buy links
  20. Send follow-up newsletter

Is your release day as crazed as mine? Is there anything else that you do on release day?

My next book will be Alien Mate. Preorder March, release in April

Sneak Peek! Read chapter one here

Falsely convicted…exiled…forced to take an alien mate

Not only did my Earth government fail to protect me from the syndicate that wants me dead, they convicted me of a crime and packed me onto a ship with other female felons and sent me to a frozen primitive wasteland of a planet to become an alien’s mate. Earth needs Dakon’s minerals; Dakon is desperate for females after a catastrophe killed them off. As soon as my appeal comes, I’m outta here. I have no desire to be some barbarian’s “mail order bride,” even if he is super tall, muscular, and the chief of his tribe. Besides, he doesn’t want me either. His disappointment is written all over his chiseled alien face. His people are desperate for women, and he doesn’t like me? Well, fine! Mr. Law-and-Order would be more than disappointed if he learned what my crime was. He’d banish me into the wilderness, because that’s what they do to lawbreakers on Dakon. To stay safe, I’ll keep quiet and make the best of things until I can get back to Earth. There’s no chance I’ll fall in love with Mr. Hard-Bodied Alien and want to stay on Dakon. No way.

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6 Responses to Behind the scenes: what actually happens when you a release book

  1. Lisa Medley says:

    Wowza! I’m exhausted just reading that list (which I am totally stealing BTW). It’s a busy time! I can’t think of anything to add. You’ve covered all the bases!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      This next time, I will do a preorder so a lot of the scramble can be avoided. So much of the scramble is link-driven. You can’t finalize the promotional efforts until you have that buy link.

  2. Unlike Lisa, I can think of something to add. Celebratory cocktails!

    My last book release day I spent in hospital, and sales for Newborn have languished as a result of that (and of a months long recovery time), even though it may be my best book. Anyway, the point is that all this stuff matters, so print out Cara’s list and then follow it religiously. Or atheistically, if you prefer.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I can empathize, Ed. I haven’t been in the hospital on release day (knock on wood!), but my mother has–on several of my release days. Hospital Wi-fi is really sloooow….

      I read Newborn. It was a great book. I loved it.

  3. A great list, Cara! I’ve considered doing the ads, but haven’t yet. With my upcoming release, I think I will. Don’t forget to add to Goodreads, Authorgraph, and Manic Readers. I also add to The Romance Studio, The Romance Reviews, and submit to the MFRW monthly newsletter. For SFR there are a few more places to submit new releases.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Goodreads to me isn’t a priority. I post it there as soon when I have the ISBN and a blurb. I don’t do anything with Authorgraph (not sure what one does there). I used to do Manic Readers, but didn’t see results so I stopped. I submit reviews to The Romance Studio and The Romance Reviews, and sometimes do headline ads with the latter. Is there more to do with TRS & TRR? I was only vaguely aware of MFRW and didn’t know they had a newsletter.

      One thing I should add is that with every book, I do a promotion plan and list the ways I can get the word out.

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