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Is there anything more tense and awkward than getting into a fight just before your dinner guests arrive? Well, for Melania Traynor of Unexpected Consequences there is. She’s a naive bride who entered a domestic discipline marriage with her eyes wide shut. Just before her first big dinner party, her husband spanks her for disobedience. Now she’s coping with her shock while trying to make her guests feel at home.

Unexpected Consequences is the first book in the Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline series about a secret organization of men who spank their wives and the women who love  them. Four books have been written so far, and I plan to write Rod and Cane 5 this year. It will feature Liz Davenport, who is a secondary character in books 1 and 3.

In this scene, Melania finally learns what Rod and Cane is all about (and some family history!):

CB_UnexpectedConsequences_coverlgAn Excerpt from Unexpected Consequences:

“If you need anything, you know where to find me.” Jared set the platter on the table and touched her shoulder. Warmth seared her flesh through her dress, disturbing in its comfort, and she shied away from it, surreptitiously shrugging off his touch.

Yes, she knew where to find him. If she had anything to say about it, she’d never enter his office again. She didn’t even want to dust in there anymore.

With Liz and Candi’s efficient assistance, the table was cleared with lightning speed and the dishwasher loaded with everything but the china and the crystal. Liz insisted on washing, and as Candi dried, Melania put things away.

She liked the women, enjoyed their company, and with the men gone—especially Jared—it became easier to make conversation, but she still felt like a robot, going through the motions of being sociable. Part of the problem was physical. Her bottom hurt so much, it took enormous concentration to move naturally. She couldn’t remember what natural was. Had she always moved this stiffly? The other problem was mental. Her thoughts were like the shuttlecock in a badminton game: constantly in play, never at rest, always being batted about.

She thought she hid her turmoil pretty well until Liz approached her after the dishes were done. “Forgive me if I’m overstepping my bounds, but you seem a little out of sorts.” Liz fixed a direct but compassionate gaze on her face. “Is there something wrong?”

Melania’s befuddled brain formed the words to insist she was perfectly fine, but when she opened her mouth, she said, “Jared hit me.”

She didn’t mean to phrase it that way—didn’t mean to say it at all—but the harsh-sounding words popped out, and she couldn’t retrieve them. She didn’t know who was more shocked—Liz, Candi, or herself. Silence filled the kitchen.

“What? Where?” Liz spoke first, scrutinizing Melania’s face as if searching for injury.

“Are you okay?” Candi touched her arm.

“Tell me what happened,” Liz said.

“Do you want to sit down?” Candi gestured to a wooden barstool at the counter.

Sit down? God, no. Melania shook her head.

She hardly knew these women, and besides, they were her guests. Revealing her personal humiliation seemed inappropriate, but as they hovered over her, their facial expressions knitted with concern and kindness, the urge to unburden herself proved too great to resist.

Melania bit her lip. Strangely, she didn’t want them to think badly of Jared. “I did something Jared told me not to, and I tried to hide it so he wouldn’t be mad. But he found out.” Tears of pain and shame pricked her eyes. “He hit me. With a paddle.” She omitted how he’d restrained her.

“Where did he hit you?” Liz repeated.

“In his study.”

“I mean where on your anatomy.”

“My…my bottom.” Heat flooded Melania’s face. She felt guilty for not readily admitting she and Jared had a domestic discipline marriage, but she feared people wouldn’t understand. Heck, she didn’t understand, and she’d agreed to it. That her husband had thought her behavior warranted correction and had spanked her was embarrassing.

“You mean he spanked you?” The tension seemed to leave Liz’s body, and she exchanged an odd glance with Candi.

Melania nodded. “Yes.”

Candi smiled and hugged her. “Oh Mel, that’s what it was. A spanking. Welcome to the club.” She released her and giggled. “That first one always rocks you a little. But it’s one of the ones you remember fondly forever.”

Fondly? Melania’s jaw dropped in shock and confusion, her gaze ping-ponging between the women.

Liz nodded enthusiastically. “I still remember my first spanking more than twenty-five years ago. Otis paddled me the evening before we got married. I had morphed into a bridezilla, and the night before the wedding, he let me know that was unacceptable behavior.” She laughed. “I was the blushing bride, all right, but it wasn’t my face that was rosy!”

Melania could not have heard what she thought she heard. “You’re both spanked by your husbands? And you’re okay with it?”

The women nodded.

“It’s that thing we do.” Liz shrugged. “You know that.”

Melania frowned.

“Don’t you?” The older woman narrowed her eyes with concern. “Didn’t you and Jared discuss discipline before you married? He didn’t tell you he’d spank you if he thought you needed it?”

Jared had raised the issue on several occasions. However, Melania had only half listened, more interested in planning the perfect wedding than in discussing something she thought would never happen. And what adult woman expected to be spanked? Slowly Melania nodded. “We agreed that he would lead our household and would handle discipline. I was fine with that part. More than fine. That’s what I wanted,” she admitted. That was what she thought she had wanted. Now that she had a more complete idea of what was involved, she wasn’t sure.

Melania was aghast at her naïveté. “He did say he might spank me,” she confessed.

Liz looked at her. “Did you think he was kidding?”

“No.” Melania shook her head then lifted her shoulders. “I thought I wouldn’t do anything that he thought would warrant a spanking. Or that it would be more of a pretend thing than real discipline.” She remembered the eroticism of the spanking she’d received the other evening, when they’d made love after going out to dinner. The same evening she’d spotted the damn shoes. “I guess I didn’t think.” She waved her hands.

“But you grew up in a home that practiced domestic discipline.” Candi’s eyes were round with amazement.

“What do you mean?” Melania tensed.

Candi flipped a hand outward. “Well, you know… Your parents have belonged to the Rod and Cane Society forever.”

“So?” Melania shrugged.

The glance Liz and Candi exchanged made Melania feel like she was on the outside of an inside joke. “Melania, what do you think the Rod and Cane Society is?” Liz asked.

Melania shrugged again. “It’s a prestigious fraternal organization.”

“It is a fraternally based organization, that’s true,” Liz agreed, speaking slowly as if choosing her words carefully. “But that’s where the similarity ends. The members of the Rod and Cane Society are men who spank their wives for discipline.”

Melania snapped her head back in shock. The information whirled in her mind like contents in a centrifuge, the ramifications rising to the forefront—Jared’s membership in the Rod and Cane Society…his comment that the wives in the organization could help her…her parents’ membership.

Melania’s jaw dropped. “Are you saying my daddy spanks my mother?”

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