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Cyborg Force Collection Two

Books 3 & 4

About the Book

On a faraway sand-blasted planet, cyborgs and humans face dangers and desires they never imagined. Cyborg Force Collection Two is a two-volume science fiction romance boxed set containing Vortex and Maelstrom, books 3 & 4 of the series.

Vortex (Cyborg Force 3)

Attorney Tempest Waters joins the popular president’s administration, but once inside the White House she discovers the chief executive is criminally corrupt. When menacing henchman Benjamin Bane begins dogging Tempest’s every step, she escapes to dune-covered, sand-blasted Sajave—only to have Bane follow her.

When Benjamin Bane became a cyborg, he suffered a rare complication—the loss of his emotions. On the plus side, being dead inside makes his job doing the president’s dirty work a lot easier. But something about presidential aide Tempest Water awakens his dormant passions.

But he can’t afford to feel anything. He’s been ordered to kill her.

Maelstrom (Cyborg Force 4)

Sandy Jodane has been a pawn, used and discarded by her empire-building politician mother. After turning to stardust to deaden the pain, she finds the strength to beat her addiction—only to be taken into custody by a powerful cyborg who’s determined to break her.

Cyborg Quint Stroud is facing  the  toughest assignment of his career: protecting the life of a unique intelligent alien species on planet Sajave from a corrupt Earth president who would destroy it. Saving the alien requires help from an insider—the president’s complicit daughter. He vows to do whatever it takes to get her cooperation.

But nothing is as it seems. Quint discovers the gutsy, vulnerable woman needs his protection as much as the alien does, and Sandy suspects Quint’s fierce robotic manner hides a wounded heart. When they team up in a last-ditch effort to save the alien, they’ll unleash a maelstrom of vengeance that could destroy their future or even their lives.

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The Details

Published: April 10, 2023
Publisher: Cara Bristol
Formats: Ebook
ISBN-13: 978-1-947203-58-7
Genres & Tropes
Alien romance, sci-fi alien romance, genetic engineering, cyborg romance, later in life romance, over 40 heroine, forced proximity, cyborg books