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Alien Incognito

Book 2: Forbidden Bonds

About the Book

He betrayed her once, but he’s her only hope.

When Joule, a furry, horned alien rescues Giselle Cartier from the slave ship and gets her life-saving medical attention, she thinks he’s her hero. But then her savior delivers her back to the human traffickers.

She does get rescued thanks to the League of Planets. But just as she’s about to be repatriated to New Terra, Joule reappears with the devastating news that Giselle’s sister is missing. Even more shocking, he vows to find her. Having been betrayed by him before, how can she trust anything he says?

Although it’s a big risk, she has to go with him since he’s her only hope of saving her sister.

Fortunately, she now knows the kind of person he is. She won’t let down her guard.  She won’t fall in love with him again.

Joule has hardened his heart to the misery and death he’s witnessed in the alien species trafficking trade. But something about the vulnerable, critically ill Giselle Cartier pierces the protective hard wall around his heart. He gets her the medical care she needs—but then is forced by circumstances to hand her back to the slavers.

Joule is an agent with the League of Planets, working deep undercover to combat alien species trafficking in the galaxy. He’s had to make difficult, even reprehensible, decisions to benefit the greater good. He can’t blow his cover to just to rescue a single human woman—even if he has fallen in love with her.

But when he learns her sister was also abducted, he can’t resist offering his assistance even though he still can’t reveal who he really is. Believing he’s a human trafficker who betrayed her, Giselle will never trust him again.

Which is smart. Because she still can’t.

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The Details

Published: August 14, 2023
Publisher: Cara Bristol
Pages: 200
Formats: Ebook
ISBN-13: 978-1-947203-60-0ASIN: B0C65YFK8L
Genres & Tropes
science fiction romance alien romance, enemies to lovers, alien abduction romance, forbidden love, alien warrior, second chance romance