Unexpected Consequences – Rod and Cane Society Book 1



Newlywed Melania Traynor loves life, shoes, and most of all, her husband Jared – a tall, handsome, protective man with a commanding side. He’s a member of the secret Rod and Cane Society, an organization of men who maintain discipline in the home with a loving heart and an open hand. When he tells her he believes in domestic discipline and will spank her if she misbehaves, she enters into their marriage with eyes wide shut confident she’ll never be on the receiving end. But when she disobeys Jared, she discovers that discipline isn’t all talk.

Reviews for Unexpected Consequences:

“Unexpected Consequences is just such a beautiful depiction of what domestic discipline is, how it is practiced, the motivation behind the practice for both parties and how it can solidify and enhance the marriage (or any romantic relationship)…“I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys spanking, traditional gender role relationships, and domestic discipline. Two thumbs up.” — Haydee Reviews 5 stars

“The descriptive language used in Unexpected Consequences took my breath away…Combine that with a great plot line, multidimensional characters, hot and heavy sex, and mind-blowing (or bottom busting) spanking scenes and you get one outstanding spanking novel!”  Bottoms Up Book Reviews  5 stars

“I swooned in sexual ecstasy reading this book…I highly recommend this book to spanking fanatics who enjoy maledom in marriage. I look forward to more domestic discipline books from the talented Ms. Bristol.” The Romance Reviews – 4 stars

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  1. Jenny says:

    Please, please, pretty-please write a new Ron and Cane book!!! I love them!! And I know I’m not the only one… 😉

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