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2010-2019…a decade in review #DecadeInReview

What I’ve learned over the past 10 years is that while change can come flying out of left field, most big changes occur incrementally. Life plods along, seemingly the same day after day, but when you look back over a … Continue reading

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2019–what a wild ride it was! The year in review

The year 2019 was an incredible year of mostly highs, but oh baby, watch out for those dips. Here are some of the highlights and “lowlights”: The year started out routine and normal. I released Alien Mischief (Alien Mate 4) in January, … Continue reading

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For readers: Never have I ever…book edition! How many of these have you NOT done? #Fridayreads

How many have you not done? I’d love to know which ones. Comments welcome.

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What is your BIG DREAM? How far would you go to achieve it?

What is your passion? Your big dream? There were three things I wanted more than anything. First, I wanted to write and publish books.  At the end of my life, if I hadn’t become an author, I would have suffered … Continue reading

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How many of these science fiction movies have you seen?

I’ve seen fourteen–fifteen if you count the original Planet of the Apes. How many of these sci-fi movies have you seen? Which one was your favorite? Do you have a favorite that’s not on the list?

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A sci-fi romance author goes to Space Camp #spacecamp #authorlife

In August a friend and I went to a weekend adult Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala. Space Camp is part science lab, part “summer camp,” part museum, and a little bit of an amusement park. It’s very hands-on; they keep … Continue reading

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Thought-provoking motivational advice from an unlikely source…#motivation #success #inspiration

Recently I ran across a homily that resonated with me. It was this: “If you can’t do anything about it, then it’s not a problem. It’s a circumstance. Deal with problems, and the circumstances may or may not change.” Not … Continue reading

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Where to get your Book Dragon coffee/tea mug #reading #bookworm

With the recent release of Under Fyre, my new alien dragon shifter romance, I offered a dragon-themed prize drawing. Readers seemed to be most interested in the book dragon coffee mug and wanted to know where they could purchase one. … Continue reading

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Some photos from my trip to Ireland and Scotland

In April and May, my husband and I took an 18 day motor coach trip to Scotland and Ireland. We’re lazy travelers. We like going, but dislike planning, so an organized trip works well for us. A little something I … Continue reading

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Epic kitchen/cooking disasters….#KitchenAccidentsHappen

How do you make meatloaf and end up with tomato soup on the back of your head? My family meatloaf recipe calls for tomato soup. As I was emptying a family-sized can of tomato soup into a measuring cup, the … Continue reading

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