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Coming to Terms, a domestic discipline anthology, has been re-released with a new cover and is now available for free with Kindle Unlimited.

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Book Description

Seven couples facing issues in their domestic discipline relationships have high hopes for their vacations. But will time away bring them closer…or will it drive them farther apart? Seven stories by seven authors.

 Spank and Run by Renee Rose: One drool-worthy mayor, a hairbrush, and a chance to find out if he’s up for keeping her in line…

This Moment by Alta Hensley: Lacking passion in her marriage, is a vacation and a session over her husband’s knee just what this wife needs?

Reconnecting by Celeste Jones: Too much time online leads to an off the grid vacation…Disconnecting leads to Reconnecting.

Wife on the Lam by Cara Bristol: Miffed at her husband for “forgetting” their anniversary, a wife discovers she can run, but she can’t hide.

Confession Time by Sue Lyndon:  Family drama threatens to ruin James and Lucy’s summer when her sister learns of their DD lifestyle.

Days With You by Jade Cary: As Diana Rios (from The Point of it All) prepares for the holidays in Chile, she reflects on her life with Val, and sees him in her dreams. Are they dreams, or is Val still alive?

Tomorrow by Anastasia Vitsky: Picking up the pieces after an unexpected separation, thirty-something Kat Astra tries to make sense of a relationship gone wrong.

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An excerpt from Wife on the Lam

Sitting on the bed in his underwear, Brent could hear Janelle singing in the shower. Then the water shut off, the hair dryer ran for a while, and then she pranced out wearing the scandalous suit and a seductive smile.

He twirled his hand. “Let’s see the back.”

She spun around. The thong disappeared in her crack, completely baring her apple-red ass cheeks. She faced him again. “You don’t think it’s too skimpy?”

“Not for what I have in mind,” he said.

The curve of her lips widened.

“Let me clean up.” He headed into the bath before her come-hither look could work on him.

When he emerged from the shower, he found Janelle readying for an afternoon swim. She had towels rolled and had gathered up her e-reader and his, sunblock, the camera, and a couple bottles of water. Her poor ass glowed red. “Do you prefer the beach or the pool?” She faced him.

“Neither. At least not right now.” He hitched his towel more firmly around his waist and padded to the bed. He sat on the mattress, and patted his knee. “Over here, sweetheart.”

She widened her eyes before her face crumpled with dismay. “B-But, I thought…I figured when we got home…” she trailed off.

He shook his head. He’d always meted out discipline as soon as possible, believing in the importance of prompt punishment. “We need to put this matter behind us. You won’t enjoy yourself if you spend the entire vacation worrying about being spanked.”

“Then don’t spank me.” Her eyes held a plea. “I learned my lesson.”

“As uncomfortable as the horseback ride may have been, having a bad time doesn’t count as discipline. You ignored my feelings by taking off without any explanation. We’re partners, Janelle. I don’t check out of our marriage when I don’t get what I want.”

Her lower lip quivered, and she hung her head. “I’m really sorry.”

“I know you are.” He patted his lap again. “Let’s get this over with.”

Janelle trudged toward him like a woman facing the gallows. “It’s going to hurt.”

More than usual because of the sunburn. “Yes, it will,” he agreed.

His wife settled her soft, curvy body over his lap and squirmed into place. Her toes rested on one side of the bed, her face on the other. As if readying for the pain, she twisted the light cotton duvet in her fist. “I wish you wouldn’t do this.”

“I wish I didn’t have to.” He rubbed her ass. Curvy, round, and warm. Heat radiated off the sunburn. He would make her ass hotter still. He actually felt sorry for her. He squeezed her rounded tush, and the color faded, showing white where his fingers had been. He normally had her remove her panties when he spanked her, but he liked the look of the thong. The string up her crack drew a target around her cheeks. Not that he needed one. His hand knew the way to her ass.

Ordinarily, he would prepare with a few light spanks first, but because of her already reddened state, he decided skipping the warm-up would be kinder on her skin.

He brought his palm down in the middle of her cheek. A white handprint appeared.

Janelle yelped.

He smacked the other cheek, then slapped the first again before all the color had returned. Janelle moaned, twisted the starched cotton and pressed it against her mouth.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I promise I won’t do that again!” she cried.

By the sixth spank, her whitened sunburned ass looked like two snow cones, and she splayed her hands across her bottom. He restrained her wrists against her waist. She buried her face in the duvet and sobbed with big, gloppy tears.

Her crying usually didn’t come until near the end, but he didn’t think she faked distress to soften his heart and get him to relent. A spanking on top of a sunburn had to hurt like a motherfucker. The heaviness of regret settled in his chest; he hadn’t planned to spend their anniversary this way. But he hadn’t chosen the timing — she had. He couldn’t let her off the hook. If he’d learned anything about his wife of twenty-two years, it was that she would take a mile if he allowed her an inch.

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