Connected to the world again!

I haven’t been blogging, tweeting or posting on Facebook because for several days my husband and I have been cut off from the civilized world. We’ve been camping — living out of an ice chest with nothing more than two air mattresses, two snack trays, two folding chairs, one folding table and a few plates and coffee cups.

We recently sold our house and moved across country, driving over 2,100 miles for nearly five days. We arrived at our new destination ahead of all of our furniture  and other possessions and several days in advance of cable TV, phone and internet being hooked up.

It was the latter that made me feel isolated. I have a basic cell phone, an automobile and neighbors who are within yelling distance, but to not be able to surf the internet, access email, or watch my favorite TV shows created a lack, a feeling of loneliness. It’s amazing how quickly and deeply I’ve come to rely on electronic forms of communication. During my unfortunate electronic isolation, I kept thinking about things I needed to google, tidbits I wanted to tweet about or post on Facebook – and I couldn’t. As much as I love my Kindle, it couldn’t fill the void.

I missed my Tweeps!

But everything was hooked up yesterday and I’ve re-entered civilization.

Hello, world!

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