Cover Reveal: Gale Force (Cyborg Force 2)

Cover by Croco Designs

Release Date: July 18 ~ Preorder Available

Can an ambitious astrobiologist and her cyborg bodyguard overcome past betrayals and brave new dangers for second chance at love?

Dr. Gayle Chambers always dreamed of studying alien life. But now that she’s on a sand-blasted desert planet, the dream seems more like a nightmare. Dangerous, corrupt officials would just as soon silence her as see her research come to light. If that’s not bad enough, her bodyguard turns out to be her ex-husband who broke her heart. With her heart and life at risk, will she be able to complete her mission?

Axel Vander desired only two things from life: his wife Gayle and to become a cyborg and serve his planet. But the day he joined C-Force, his wife left him. Shattered by the betrayal, he hoped never to see her again. Now he’s been assigned to protect her. But who will guard his wounded heart?

Just when it looks like Axel and Gayle might rekindle the love they once had, the alien intelligence unearths secrets that could destroy everything.

Reserve your copy. Preorder now.

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