Cyber sex toys and Red Lipstick Journals…

Alexander Graham Bell’s first electronic transmission was: “Mr. Watson. Come Here. I need you.” It couldn’t have been too long afterward that someone else said over the newly invented telephone, “Hey Baby, I’m wearing a smile and nothing else,” and thus phone sex was invented.

That’s my theory.

And after computers and the internet exploded on the scene, cyber sex was discovered. You may be interested in lots of different sex toys such as a silicone sex doll but you may also be interested in cyber sex toys.

But cyber sex toys? What will they think of next? It turns out there are sex toys you can attach to your computer allowing manipulation by someone else sitting at their computer—sometimes literally across the world. Who woulda thunk?

I learned this by reading Red Lipstick Journals, a group blog to which I recently became a contributor. Red Lipstick Journals is a blog/online magazine about all things erotic and sexual. It’s informative, educational and entertaining.

Today’s article (March 4) is about cyber sex toys. Other recent articles covered master slave relationships, sex games (think strip poker and truth or dare), adult nursing, Tantra sex/massage and a review of a Japanese sex museum. In addition, you’ll find erotica and erotic romance novel excerpts as well as complete erotic short stories. The latter is what I’ll be writing for RLJ. My first story, Fantasy Lite ran February 14.

What you won’t find on RLJ are blatant book promos (no “Buy my book!”) or porn from hot websites similar to teentuber xxx. Although you will find erotica. And if you don’t know the difference, there’s a very good article about that on RLJ as well.

Every month, the entire month’s worth of Red Lipstick Journal entries are available on as a Kindle download for 99 cents. January 2011 includes the aforementioned articles on Tantra sex/massage and the Japanese sex museum, as well blogs on kissing, erotic pain, erotic spanking, and many other topics and stories. February’s blogs should be available on Amazon for Kindle on Monday.

If you haven’t visited Red Lipstick Journals, give it a try. It’s a great one-stop site for erotic information and entertainment.

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