Educating His Bride: A naughty nooner with a catch #NFSW


Newylwed Margaret is married to her former professor. In this  excerpt, she visits her husband at the college she used to attend. She gets a lesson in “nooners.”

An Excerpt from Educating His Bride

“You forgot your lunch.” She glanced around. The office appeared the same as it had the day she’d gotten spanked with the ruler.

“I have a class to teach, so I’ll leave you two newlyweds alone.” Professor Abernathy winked.

“Good-bye,” she said, glad to see him go.

His footsteps receded down the hall, and Henry planted a long, hard kiss on Margaret’s mouth. By the time he released her, she gasped for air.

“What did you bring me for lunch?” He peered into the corridor and slammed the door.

“A meatloaf sandwich.”

He twisted the key in the lock and scooted around her to the window. “On white bread?”


“Good. I like white bread. It’s so nice and fluffy. Almost like eating cotton candy.” He turned the wand and plunged the room into dusk. Enough light remained to see the sexual gleam in his eyes.

An answering heat pooled in her core. Yes, some things had changed since her last visit to this room. She might have gotten a C in his class, but she’d aced marital relations. He’d taught her much over the summer, lessons she’d embraced with alacrity.

Henry plopped into his chair and beckoned.

“What if somebody comes?”

“They won’t. It’s only the second week. Students don’t have reason to meet with me yet.” He chuckled. “They’re still searching for their classes.”

“I don’t know.” Did respectable married women do things like this?

He leaned back and spread his legs. His erection tented his trousers. “Do I need to come and get you, Mrs. Thurston?”

She loved being called that. Liquid lust pooled, but she played coy. “Maybe—”

Henry sprang up, dragged her to his desk, and upended her over his lap. The chair arms prevented him from pulling her completely atop his knees, but he was strong enough to hold her half on, half off. She braced her hands on the floor. Skirts flew over her head. A playful swat landed on her bottom.

Thwack. Thwack. “Henreee…” she giggled. “Ow!” she cried as he brought his hand down harder. There’d been many spankings over the summer. Only one had been for punishment after she’d gone shopping and had run late and hadn’t called. The rest had been sexy ones. There was something thrilling about her husband enforcing his will—and her surrendering to it.

“I wish you didn’t put on so many undergarments,” he groused as he spanked.

“I only wear the usual.” Panties, girdle, slip. Petticoats for poufiness, if the dress needed it.

“Maybe I’ll institute an underwear ban.”

“I couldn’t!”

“I mean around the house.”

That wasn’t as bad, but still. What if she had to answer the door? A respectable woman was always coiffed, starched, and properly clad. To not wear undergarments would be like not wearing…stockings!

“Well, I’ll have to think about it,” he said.

She hoped he thought about it a long time. He flipped her off his lap into a heap between his legs, undid his trousers, and freed his cock from his shorts. Precum pearled on the smooth head.

Her brown feathered tilt hat had slipped from her head to her ear, despite being anchored with a pin. Henry threaded his fingers through her pageboy. The man was heck on a hairdo. Perhaps she should get one of those short, shaggy cuts like Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida had.

He exerted pressure to bring her face closer to his cock. “I used to think about you doing this when you were my student,” he said. “Suck me, Meggie.”

On the last day of their honeymoon, when her lady parts had become tender after so much unaccustomed activity, he’d offered her an alternative to please him: take his penis in her mouth. To say she’d been shocked was an understatement.

After much coaxing, he’d convinced her to kiss his cockhead. The smoothness of his glans had amazed her. After her tentative lick and hesitant suck, he’d emitted such a husky groan she’d been emboldened enough to shake off inhibitions.

Although she could never bring herself to utter the word “blow job,” not even in the privacy of their bedroom, performing it caused her woman parts to tingle. She relished the hunger in his eyes, his rumbles and growls. He could communicate his need quite forcefully, twisting her hair around his fist and thrusting so deep and fast into her mouth, he sometimes brought tears to her eyes, but his deep groans, his contorted expression made it worth it. She inspired desperation in him.

Margaret stroked his shaft and engulfed the head.

“Yessss, Meggie, yes,” he hissed.

With her tongue, she traced the ridge. Sucking lightly at first, she increased the pull as she slid his cock in and out. He guided the pace, keeping a grip in her hair, rocking his hips. As his speed and force increased, signaling he approached orgasm, she hummed.

She’d discovered by accident Henry liked it when she hummed while she sucked on his cock. To merely hum seemed silly, so she found a song to fit the occasion, “Hold Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me,” a hit record by Karen Chandler.

 “Oh God.” His thighs tensed, and he thrust into her mouth so hard she saw stars, but she maintained contact and hummed louder.

The shaft of his penis pulsed, and he pumped his seed down her throat.

When the throbbing in his member subsided, his grip in her hair turned caressing, and she released his cock. Streaks of scarlet sunset—her preferred lipstick color—had transferred from her lips to his manhood. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Thank goodness she was a married woman, or people would mistake her for a tramp—hair and hat askew, lipstick smudged right off, her dress wrinkled to high heaven.

A footfall sounded outside the door. Metal scraped on metal, and her blood froze in her veins at the realization a key was being inserted into the lock.

“Fuck!” Henry swore. “Hide!”

Educating His Bride Blurb

It’s the 1950s. Never much interested in her studies, Margaret Atwater attends college hoping to graduate with an Mrs. degree instead of a bachelor’s. When she catches the eye of English Professor Henry Thurston, she’s thrilled to marry him, drop out of school, and begin a new life as a married woman and faculty wife. However, Henry is a kinky man who has much to teach his eager young bride—in, and out, of the bedroom. As Mrs. Henry Thurston, Margaret’s sexual education has just begun.

Educating His Bride was previously published in the short-lived anthology Correcting the Coeds. It is being released as a single title now.

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1 Response to Educating His Bride: A naughty nooner with a catch #NFSW

  1. Howard Fortyfive says:

    Great story! Been quite a while since I’d read a sexy story of 2 lovers. Considering how hot this story started it wasn’t long before I was tugging at my trousers and pulling my pecker free. Enough of that.

    I have been reading erotic literature all of my life. I do not recall how old I was but I was in my Robinson Crusoe mood that day and in my room. I may have been in junior high school. I know it was before my senior year as I didn’t yet have a darkroom next to my bed so I might have been in 9th or 10th grade. Pulling out the drawers in my dresser feeling everywhere where something might be hidden I searched and searched. Searching my closet all the nooks and crannies I found nothing.

    My room was in the basement of our new house. We moved here the summer before I entered 3rd grade. I loved my room! Cool in summer and toasty warm in winter as the furnace was just 40 or 50 feet away from me and I had my own heating vent right above my closet. Which gave me pause and I looked at the vent hard and with determination I jumped up and got a real good look at it. Then I raced out of my room to my dads work bench for a standard screwdriver whereupon I removed those screws and removed the vent screen. I grabbed a box or chair to stand on and snaked my arm inside as far as I could. My fingers touched something.

    I raced upstairs for a flashlight in the kitchen. Raced back down and hatched a plan. Found a coat hanger and cut it and shaped it into a J to pull out that hidden treasure.
    It took me several tries as it didn’t come easily. Finally I had my hand around it and could tell it was a jar of some sort.

    It was an old quart size Kraft mayonnaise jar. Said Kraft right on the lid. It was dusty as it had been there a good long time. I removed the lid as some papers were inside and took them out.

    I was born a long time ago and still remember the old style fountain pens. The papers in this jar were written in longhand with the old style pens. I laid down on my bed and began to read them. Boy Howdy this was my very first dirty story. It would be 15 or more years before I would see the word ‘erotica’. I read the 4 or 5 pages over and over many times and would hide them in between reading them. But I was just a lil kid and didn’t know jack about hiding stuff. Mom found them and that was that.

    While reading these letters as I called them I read about a young rich kid. His folks were in Europe and it was just him a strapping 15 or 16 year old his governess and a hot lil French maid. Both maid and governess taught him the wonders of womanhood
    and the extreme fun a man could have with exciting young women of such diverse backgrounds. Of course the French maid wore those hot lil black outfits with stockings and garters black lace brassiere with too short to be modest tight skirt and black 4 or 5 inch heels. She often would bend over in a most unladylike manner to show off her stockings and succulent upper thighs and sheer black panties.

    The governess was either Swedish or Swiss. She wore her blonde hair up in a bun to give her an air of authority. She wore long skirts sometimes with white blouse and stockings and heels. She was the boys teacher and she taught him well. To this day 45ish years later I am strongly attracted to skinny blondes that wear black. I also enjoy and delve in BDSM and enjoy spanking videos. I would say more but I’d bet you get the idea. I really enjoyed ‘Educating His Bride’ as it reminded me of my mayonnaise stories and my entrance to Erotica.

    I want to thank you for your skills as a writer of Erotica.

    Best Regards

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