#FridayFaves: Squirrels and a favorite cover artist

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This week’s personal fave is…squirrels!

squirrelI love the bushy-tailed, nut-gathering little rodents. I love the way they run — they jump. We have a lot oak and walnut trees where I live, and from my office window I can see them scampering across the lawn or running up and down the trees. The saying that describes getting distracted — “Look! A squirrel!” — isn’t just a saying for me. I can literally get distracted looking at squirrels. When my family took a vacation to the Grand Canyon when I was 12, most of my pictures were of squirrels.

Last summer I discovered the squirrels had been making themselves at home on my patio furniture. The padded loveseat looked undisturbed, but when I moved the throw pillows I found empty walnut shells.

This week’s publishing fave is: Sweet ‘n Spicy Design

Sweet ‘n Spicy (“Jaycee DeLorenzo”) does graphic design for book covers (ebook, print wraps and audio), WordPress web design, and custom headers for Facebook, Twitter, etc. Jaycee has done a lot of work for me. She did all the book covers for the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series, Educating His Bride, Naughty Words for Nice Writers and some others. Jaycee also designed my new website header. She is talented, fast, and communicates well. If you need some graphics work done, I highly recommend Sweet n Spicy. Take a look at her website; there’s a lot good info there.

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4 Responses to #FridayFaves: Squirrels and a favorite cover artist

  1. Lisa Medley says:

    Jaycee rocks!!! And your covers look amazing 🙂

  2. Another squirrel lover! My mom was always scolding the squirrels for eating up all her birdseed. I love watching them, and often put out feed just for them. I love watching them try to figure out how to get past the “roadblocks” so they can eat my birdseed. I have pictures of them in my scrapbook right along with the grandkids. Thanks for sharing!

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